Friday, December 12, 2008

more pics.

Advent Calendar and Gilmore Girls.

This is a very fun post for me. First of all, pictures of my Advent Calendar that my Mom and I made together. Story- I saw this amazing felt 5 ft. Advent Calendar in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog back in October for $70 and thought, I could make that for less then $30. Have I ever sewn anything in my life? Nope. But I have been wanting to learn and what a fun project to learn on. So I asked dear ol' Mom if she would be the teacher and creator with me and of course she loved the idea. So almost 2 months later, with football season and a two year old ( we worked on in on Sunday afternoons while James and Daddy watched the Cowboys) we finished it. Amazing eh? And, less the $30. And we made it with our own two hands which I am totally patting myself on the back as I type:) Keller Cade has LOVED it. First thing he asks for in the morning is "advent calendar" but what he really wants is the candy cane I know.
Second thing that makes this post so exciting is my hubs and friends threw me an early surprise birthday party last night. My birthday is not until the 28th but no one is ever in town so we usually celebrate early. I knew James had something up his little sleeve. So last night we were supposed to go next door for dinner at our friends the Martin's, literally, the very next house to ours. So we were supposed to come over around 715 but Keller was so excited to go see Jack their son that I thought, lets just go over early so the boys can play a second before we put them down. James kind of starts sweating and stalls as long as possible. So we go next door, Sara says "oh Jonathan and Jack are in the backyard cooking the burgers" and all of a sudden I step into Stars Hollow. If you have ever watched The Gilmore Girls television show, than you know exactly what I am talking about and if you are a fanatic like me, you may be a little jealous. Basically, the backyard looked like the town square from the show and all of the guests were dressed as different characters from the show. I of course, was given an outfit to wear as Loralie Gilmore, the main character. Although I am 6 1/2 months pregnant so maybe I was her when she was 16 and pregnant with Rory. James was Luke, Sara was Rory, Robyn was Paris, Luci was Lane and on and on. The best costume was for sure my parents who played Emily and Richard, Loralie's parents from the show. Also shout out to Suki and Taylor. So they had two fire pits going, cooked burgers at Luke's grill, with onion rings, tater tots, pop tarts, twinkies. Then they had a town hall meeting and gave me a gift- the entire DVD collection. I told James I was spending the night with it and he needed to find another place to sleep. I am so excited to own them all! So then, we snuggled up by the fires and watched the pilot on the projector screen outside. Can you believe it? First of all, just a great idea in general but really, I felt so loved and known by James and my friends. It was the best theme party ever!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities.

We had a great time visiting family in Houston and Louisiana but all of the traveling was alot on my poor little 6 month pregnant body. We spent the actual Thanksgiving in Ball, LA stands for - COUNTRY! We spent the day eating, petting the llamas, peacocks, chickens and dogs next door, playing the drums set up in the living room and shooting guns. Don't judge. You only understand if you are a cajun ( I am not I will add) that it is TOTALLY NORMAL to let a precious two year old boy hold and help daddy shoot the gun. Still no mashed potatoes but this time around the turkey was not fried and all of the sides were not "slawed" as in cole slaw, carrot slaw etc. All in all it was a memorable trip and we always love seeing James' parents and brothers.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

But baby it's cold outside...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza Weekend.

Well the big birthday weekend really went awesome but it wiped poor pregnant mama out. It all started Friday morning with pancakes with mommy and daddy. Friday afternoon Keller and I went with his best buds to the zoo- such a fun time and Keller loves the zoo so much that his Mimi and Papaw got him a pass for the year. In the pictures you will see Ana, Luci's daughter, Jack, Sara's son and Tate, LeeAnne's son. Melissa and Madeline were there with us too but had to leave before pictures began. Keller and Tate basically ran the entire time and both of their mommies are pregnant so Luci and Sara chased after them for us and kept them from being attacked by buffalo. It was a perfect afternoon for the zoo and it is what we did last year for his birthday so that was a fun tradition to continue in. Then James' parents came in from Houston and we had a birthday dinner at my parent' house with the fam. Opened presents and ate cupcakes- side note- I found a butter cream icing recipe that blew my socks off-perfect. Then Friday night Keller spent his first night in his "big boy bed". It was a bit emotional for me but he pulled it off like a charm and has done pretty awesome all week. James and I laugh because we can tell he is up and out of bed when we hear one of his guitars in the morning-just like his daddy. Saturday morning was the big birthday brunch for both my guys. No pics of this or anything else that followed because I was in survival mode by this time. It was a hit though, we had a house full and I love it. It is the Mexican in me- I really do not know how to have a small party. For myself, I really could care less about a big party just something small with my hubs and closest friends is fine by me, but when I throw one, especially for my husband and kids, I do it full out. Saturday afternoon is when James' surprises began-his two buddies came by the house and surprised him and took him the the Baylor game and they smeared A&M which made it that much better. Then, they brought him to my parents where we had a projector showing Bourne Ultimatum and had pizza, beer and poker- all of my honey's favorite. To top it off one of his best buds who won all of the money, shoved it in James' pocket and ran off- thanks Brad.
So by Monday, James' actual birthday I was too pooped to pop. We had a low key evening, went to dinner and a movie and have been recovering all week. I love it though. Thankfully next year are not monumental years in either of their lives.... but don't you worry, Graham will be turning one four months later...

Friday, November 14, 2008


My sweet baby boy is 2 years old today- so hard to believe. He has been the greatest to our lives. Children really are a gift from the Lord. Things that I love about Keller Cade are-
1.his fun loving and outgoing personality.
2. his "big" hugs and kisses.
3. The good friend that he already is to his pals.
4. His precious kissable face.
5. His cute little voice.
6. His inquisitiveness- he asks me about 100 questions a day. His favorite one right now is, " where's daddy?"
7. The way his hair stands up like his Grandpa's when he wakes up in the morning.
8. His tenderness and strength.
9. The way he runs.
10. And to quote our favorite book these days, " You, the You person YOU. The bones and the meat you, the messy way you eat you, the total and complete you, the you person YOU! YOU yes YOU, I LOVE YOU!"
Happy Birthday precious one!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Cute.

We had a fun filled Halloween/Baylor Homecoming Weekend. We decided just to take the kids to the Bonfire for Halloween night and once again skip the whole trick or treating thing- still not sure where I land when it comes going to stranger's doors with my innocent children??? Anyways, we ate a little dinner at Chik fil A with the Martin's and the Hoppe's and went to the bonfire- they were the cutest kids there. I have to say, Ana and Keller were cute but Jack Martin was the show stopper in his dog get up- too cute. Keller would not keep the dragon head on so we did not get many pictures of the full ensemble. The kids loved running around with glow sticks, pushing the wagon and dancing to the music. I love that Keller has such precious friends to make memories with- Ana is such a trooper with her rough and tumble buds.
Saturday morning, Keller and I went to the parade with Sara and Jack and my parents and Eric. I feel very adamant about being on campus for the largest and oldest collegiate parade in the U.S. but geesh- it is so crowded and much more of a social gathering for all the alumni. We had ladies come and stand right in front of us and just gab while we were trying to watch and get candy. So I don't know, maybe we will find a better spot next year- we will see. James got to go the football game with his brother and our nephew while my precious sister in law and I hung out with the little ones. Such a memorable weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better than Christmas.

Really with both babies I have been more excited on the eve of finding out, than a kid waiting for Christmas. I cannot sleep the night before, I go back and forth in my head wondering what it will be, hearing the ultrasound tech say " it's a girl" or " you are having another boy." This morning, I woke up at 645 partly due to the excitement and partly due to the time change. I sat out on my porch guzzling down the fluids so my bladder would be full enough to see my baby and I thought, I am so glad I do not pick the sex. That God who loves me and has had a beautiful plan beyond my wildest dreams has in motion a beautiful quiver for our family. So we went this morning and the guy pressed all around on my growing tummy- which makes it hard to really engage in the moment because I have to pee so bad and am hoping that I don not wet my pants-and showed us how the baby's kidneys were functioning, "it" was swallowing and moving "it's" appendages and then our biggest question was answered. I once again am growing another penis inside of me. We are having a SON! James and I both feel so excited and full at the thought of having two boys. Keller has been such a joy, more than I could have ever imagined and the fact that I get to have two is beyond what I could have hoped for. We have been praying for him since before he existed. A few things the Lord has already spoken to us about him is that he will be different than his older brother and we will parent each of our children with uniqueness. The Lord told James that he would be a man who sees past peoples walls and defenses and shines light to who people really are calling out the gold inside of others. The Lord told me that this person would be a man that would walk in freedom and bring hope to the world and would be a safe refuge for others. Also that our son would be a strong leader even though he may not be as outgoing or extroverted as his older brother he will lead others by his resolve and character. So it seem so fitting that we name him Graham Hudson. Graham means homestead or home and Hudson means brave ruler. We pray that will mark his life. We are overjoyed at the new blessing that we will soon hold in our arms in March!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It begins.

This time of of year is for sure the busiest for our family. Yes I am talking about holidays and birthdays (between the Walker's and Bell's we have 9 birthdays in November and December) but every other weekend is filled with weddings, reunions, camp outs, pumpkin parties etc. We would not trade it for the world, but by the time my birthday rolls around at the end of December, all I want to to is stay in bed. So a little update on us the past few weeks.
Two weeks ago was my 10 year high school reunion. It was a surreal experience. I had awesome moments of reconnecting with old friends at the football game on Friday night. At one point I was sitting there gabbing with the same group of girls I would sit with 12 years ago at football games and James called, he could not be there because he was on a camp out with Eric, I answered the phone and said who are you? It was just so odd being 28 married, parent, bun in the oven and sitting there talking like I did when I was 16.It was really a great time but the weekend also made me thankful that I am no longer in high school and that time of life is a great memory and that is where it will stay. Then last weekend Keller and I went to visit our buds in Austin, Robyn and Carolina. We had such a fun time with the munchkins. Robyn has been my dearest friend since elementary. It is fun to have kids together now and share in those joys. This weekend is Baylor Homecoming and the Walker's are joining in the festivities. Since the bonfire and pep rally are on Halloween, We are going with the Hoppe's and Martin's to that and dressing the kiddos up. The picture above is Keller as a dragon but he does not like wearing the head part so we will see. Keller boy is turning two in two weeks, we find out if our baby is going to be a dude or a little lady next Tuesday so we have exciting times up ahead!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good ol' HOT Fair

If you have ever lived in Waco, you know what a big deal the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo is when it comes to town. My dad told me once that he asked a Pawn Shop owner what was his busiest time of year and he said the Fair-a little wacky huh? Anyhow, James and I were planning to skip out on the fair this year because it is SO expensive but at the last minute my parents told us to come with them and the boys. The first hour was a bit rough because Keller was very overstimulated by it all but then we bought him a sucker as big as his head and that was all he needed-you got to do what you got to do.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I feel like I have to add pics of my cookie with just about every blog, even if it pertains nothing to him at all. although I will brag and say that my Keller Cade amazed us all last week with four major falls, gushing blood including in three and revealed that he can count to 10! Sometimes he skips 3 and 8 because he is in such a hurry to get to 10- I need to video it and put it on, adorable.
I am almost too prideful to ask this because I used to be quite the connaisseur of music but for some reason since being a mom, I am so out of the loop. I am going on a little day and a half retreat next week by myself, ( I know awesome, huh) and am wanting a new worship cd and am looking for suggestions. So throw any good ones out from the last year that have blessed you. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

goodbye fog.

I am gliding through my 13th week of pregnancy and I feel like a cloud is lifting. Maybe its the end of the first trimester and my nausea is easing up,maybe its the amazing weather change here in Texas, and maybe it's just my faithful God who knows what I can handle. To be quite honest, I have felt emotionally "low" this pregnancy. I have had to a do a lot of self talking to get my self through the days and have felt that I was functioning in survival mode. It is so hard to know in those times what to chalk it all up to " oh that is just hormones and many of women experience the same thing", and what is choice, or what is a God allowed trip to the dessert? I love the scripture in Hosea 2 that talks about God alluring Israel to the dessert so that he can speak tenderly to her and give her back her vineyards. What a beautiful word picture that captures what I feel like ebbs and flows in my life. Times that I have been allured to the dessert- at one point in my life, literally, so that I could hear the tender voice of God like I couldn't in the valley, or on the mountain. I love when he allows places of "ouch" in our lives, some that have an explanation and many that don't- they change us forever. I love the nooks and crannies in my heart that only God and I know about that have been created through those tearful times. They are some of my greatest treasures in my jewelry box of life. But I certainly don't like them when they are happening. It is that waiting time, the "ouches", the silence where my faith is truly seen. I would love to tell you all that I always proceed those times with flying colors, but we all know that is not the truth. Most of the time I pout, stomp, throw myself on the ground (like my 22 month old did this morning because he could not get in his old bouncer anymore). Every once in a while, I respond kind of well:) Oh but the grace of God that flows when I come in all honesty, transparent, aware that even if I pretend, he sees all, it is a precious moment. Praise him for the fog lifting this week for me. I feel like I have fresh wind in my sails, vision for this season of life and hope for my future. Not much has changed from last week- just a gift from God, a lifting of the fog so I can see my life for what it really is...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what I am loving today.

First Day of Mother's Day Out.

sporting the shades

no explanation necessary
Oh my gosh, if someone could have explained to me that I could love a person as much as I do this little boy, I would have started having kids at puberty! OK, probably not because then I would have alot of baby daddy's and that is bad but you get the point. This little person gets cuter every day. His vocabulary is so impressive and keeps us in stitches. Just a few anecdotes for the grandparents-
we have a friend who we call Chic. We were at her house Monday night and as we were leaving Keller said, "bye chicken." James and I died and Keller realized it was because of what we said, so literally, the entire 7 minute drive home, he was saying, " byeee chicken,byeeee chicken..." and we laughed every time. He as also realized that the only being he has any authority over at this point in his life is our beloved family dog Harley. Lately I will be in the other room and I can hear Keller "correcting" Harely as he sleeps soundly on the couch minding his own business. It usually goes something like this. " Stop it Harley. No. Stop it. Hush Harley. Come Harley. Stop it. No. Come." Hand motions included. Harley takes it. He has so much energy and life that every day feels like an adventure.
Other things that I am loving these days are-
Uncle Tom's Cabin. Why did no teacher ever force me to read this amazing piece of literature? Someone referred to it in a sermon a few months ago and so I picked it up at the library last week and halfway through, I am already saying, this is a life changing book. The harsh reality of slavery is sobering and puts my heartaches in perspective. I told James that I bet Jesus wept when those slaves entered heaven and rejoiced at the faithful men and women of God who had no choice to find any value on earth and really had an understanding of heaven being our home. What a precious sight that would be. If you have never read it, do.
I am also loving that my first trimester is coming to an end. I am almost 13 weeks and the sickies are really tapering off ha le lu-
I am loving the bits of rain, naps in the afternoon, football season starting back up even though my fantasy football team got smashed this week, dates with my hubs, good chats with friends, and Mother's Day Out.
I am blessed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I don't usually write "deep" thoughtful posts but my heart is so full this morning. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 9 or 10 years old, sad that I forget. I remember the date, March 27th. I was wearing and UT Longhorns sweatsuit-random, and was at First Baptist Woodway on a Sunday evening with friends. Sitting in the pew doodling probably and for some reason I listened for a brief second and heard the beautiful message that I am not sure I had heard up to that point. Some random Baptist preacher who is was doing a "revival" of sorts spoke of Jesus being the only way to God. I honestly do not remember what he said, but in my little girl heart I knew I needed to respond. It was my moment. The one that God knew all along. All my days before this had led up to this point. I marched down to the front with tears in my eyes and said to some lady that I wanted to give my life to Jesus. We went into a back room and she made sure I understood- as much as a 9/10 year old does, I did. Wow. Even now I feel the emotion. Salvation. God saved me then. He rescued me. He began a work in my life twenty years ago that is still happening at this moment. I am still amazed at this message. I am a wretch, messing it up most days, giving my heart to other loves, not serving my family, choosing to ignore the voice of God. So salvation probably means more to me today than it did then. I look back at my life and see what it could have been and stand speechless before an unbelievable love. I hope that you too have a fresh understanding of salvation today and rejoice with me.
Wanted to share this precious Youtube video.

Monday, August 25, 2008

how cute, huh?

And that is just the shoes on the feet, this kid gets cuter by the day. He never stops amazing us. From his pitcher's arm- this kid can throw, to his adorable personality, his extensive vocabulary- " come on guys", " nuggle mommy?" "hipooopotamuus",and the proper term for his private area which he now likes to say ALL THE TIME-rethinking that one...he knows most colors, some letters and numbers and can cook a mean omelete:) It is really amazing to think about having another child and experiencing it all over again and that my heart has room for more love-isn't that a gift?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here we go again...

well I am not sure if we are crazy, given into peer pressure or just really believe that a full quiver is a blessing, but we are adding to the Walker clan- 8 weeks with child! We are so thrilled about having another baby in March and kind of laughing nervously at the same time. God will give grace just as he has for Keller and our hearts feel so ready for a brother or sister for Keller. Parenting has been our greatest joy and greatest challenege. Its amazing how you can feel such strong emotions all at once that are very different. So these days for me have been full of naps, ice cream, peach yogurht and cantelope. Keller has watched more Thomas the Train than I can even admit while I "rest" but hopefully these days will end in around 6 weeks just as they did for Keller. Please pray for baby bug in my belly- we have great faith that he/she will be just a much of a treasure as big brother.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New shoes and a facelift.

every women needs both at some point in their lives but, not yet for this old girl-
I just wanted to post and brag on the new shoes we discovered. I know most of my cool trendy friends are reading this thinking, wow, you guys just figure it out, that was so march 2008, get with the program, but the older you get and as you become parents it becomes harder to stay up with the trends. Our friend Chris ( a trendy dad with two kids, totally breaks that mold I just explained), gave James a free pair of Toms. They are so cool looking, very comfortable and give back. For every pair you buy they donate a pair to a child in an underdeveloped country. So yesterday I was about to buy Keller some new shoes for the fall, Luci suggested that I see if they have Tom's in tot size- oh my gosh, isn't everything cuter when its small? Just about everything. So we bought Keller Cade his very own pair of Tom's. Now I am just trying to decide if they are too granola for me? They do have a punkin pair of white with red polka dot ones- so maybe. Please let me know what you think- me or not me.
Second thing is more of a plea, my poor little blog needs a face lift. I probably don't even have to say it. I just don't feel that it is expressing who we really are. So I need help. I am little overwhelmed at the thought of taking on this endeavor, so I need suggestions? I don't want to pay for anything, call me cheap but its just not what I want to spend my money on. So help me please!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

go away summer.

This is what Keller does daily except in the backseat of the car with a cup of Sonic Ice.

if you live in texas you are probably amening and having a sonic drink with me daily. it is just too hot. there is no way jose we can be outside unless we are in the water which gets old after awhile. I think when it hits july I am done and so I am bracing myself because we still have August. The sad thing is, September and October did not bring much relief last summer but at least you can smell fall or begin putting out your decorations which makes it seem a little cooler. So I just needed to Bahumbug summers in Texas for a moment. Okay done. Happy Hot Tuesday and to those of you who live somewhere cooler and are chuckling thinking what fools we are to live in Texas, stop- at least its cheaper here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mango lips,what?

So I woke up Wednesday morning and my lips were swollen-seriously like a Monday botox went bad. Not only were they swollen, they were cracking and oozing- gross I know but I have to give the details for you to get enough info so you can feel real sorry for me. Thursday, there was still no end in site of my Angelina Jolie look a like I was accidentally pulling off so I did a little research. I thought back to what I had eaten and found this- there is a sap in the skin of a mango that is similar to the sap that is in Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Tuesday as I was cutting up Mango for Keller, I took some nibbles in the process and touched my lovely kisser to the sapped infested skin of that cursed fruit( I don't really feel that way about mangoes but I do think I have a constant love/hate relationship with several foods, mangoes and salmon being a couple). I did not take pictures of the horrific event but I feel that my descriptions has done it justice. So beware of these lovely tropical fruits that seem harmless. You may wake up and go the store the next morning and get lots of stares or even worse have your husband curl his own lips as he stares at you in disgust.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big news.

James is starting his new job tomorrow. It is pretty unbelievable how it all happened. James is a very creative guy- got his degree in film and editing, in his free time enjoys writing,drawing,filming different projects,playing music,remodeling projects around the house... Although his current job has allowed him to grow and flourish in other ways as an executive of a sales and marketing company, that creative side has been put on the back burner a bit. To spare you all the details of the last three weeks I will just say, that God literally plopped an amazing job in James' lap. He will be a project manager for Magnolia Homes. Although his job will consist of many things, some of it includes assisting in running a small business, something he has been able to learn a ton about in his current job, closing on remodeling deals and learning all the ins and outs of flipping houses and managing worksites. He will also be helping create a website for the company as well. It is really such a privelege to work with Chip and Jo (owners) who we met six years ago in our engagement classes- crazy huh? They are amazing business people and full of intergrity and humility. James is THRILLED to learn from them and help take their business to the next level. Click here to see a recent add in the Wacoan. We Will keep you updated on how it is going over the next few weeks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What we have been up to!

It has been a full month, and we are not even halfway done with it.
First. Some of our very best friends closed on the house RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Isn't that a dream come true?
Second.We have been passing colds and sinus infections around the Walker household for about three weeks now but have not gotten a chance to really take a breath because Keller is a wild man, going from the minute he wakes up until bed time. His new favorite "sayings" are, " Oh, motorcyle" (because his grandpa rides a motorcycle). Every morning when he wakes up and I am changing his diaper I ask if he had a good night sleep, he usually responds with a "YEP". Then I ask him what he dreamed about, and 99% of the time, "dadee,jojo, papa motorcycle." Not his wonderful beloved mommy who takes care of him all day, no, no. Oh well.
Third.We took a little family vacation with my parents and Eric this past weekend to the Dallas area. We stayed the night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine-really cool place. Indoor and Outdoor water park with the hotel on site. They have thought of everything that a kid craves-waterparks,ice cream, arcades, manicure spa for kids,treasure hunts, story times- you name it, they had it. Keller was pretty fearless in the tot section. We had two people manning him at all times while the others ran around with Eric. Then we went to a Rangers game the next night. I will let you know that my 19 month old son had this for dinner- cotton candy,nachos,french fries, lemon chill and dr.pepper. Please do not report me to CPS, this is a once a year occurence. Now we are back home resting up to go to Houston next weekend to say goodbye to James' sister and her family who are moving to Japan at the end of the month. Phew, I need a nap just writing all of this!