Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sorry for my slacking.

Mom emailed and said she was sad to see " no name" as my last blog post because THIS baby has a name! Eleanor Wren "Elie Wren"!!!! Part of me still does not believe that I am having a girl and the other part of me knew. When I found out I was pregnant I felt like God asked me to RISK believing for a girl and this was risky because next to getting married, having a daughter has been the greatest desire
of my heart. Even as I write that I know so many people personally who long for dreams fulfilled and are still waiting so I say it with humility and reverence. Yes the excitement of a daughter delights me but I think more than anything going to that risky place of faith and trusting Jesus with the outcome has been the sweetest gift of all. If she would have been a he I know God would have fulfilled that desire if not here then in heaven where I have babies that my arms have never held. We are still relishing in the wonder of it- a girl. Dreaming of her, preparing for her- are you kidding she already has 10 outfits in her closet. Excited about a full quiver of 2 boys and a girl.