Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza Weekend.

Well the big birthday weekend really went awesome but it wiped poor pregnant mama out. It all started Friday morning with pancakes with mommy and daddy. Friday afternoon Keller and I went with his best buds to the zoo- such a fun time and Keller loves the zoo so much that his Mimi and Papaw got him a pass for the year. In the pictures you will see Ana, Luci's daughter, Jack, Sara's son and Tate, LeeAnne's son. Melissa and Madeline were there with us too but had to leave before pictures began. Keller and Tate basically ran the entire time and both of their mommies are pregnant so Luci and Sara chased after them for us and kept them from being attacked by buffalo. It was a perfect afternoon for the zoo and it is what we did last year for his birthday so that was a fun tradition to continue in. Then James' parents came in from Houston and we had a birthday dinner at my parent' house with the fam. Opened presents and ate cupcakes- side note- I found a butter cream icing recipe that blew my socks off-perfect. Then Friday night Keller spent his first night in his "big boy bed". It was a bit emotional for me but he pulled it off like a charm and has done pretty awesome all week. James and I laugh because we can tell he is up and out of bed when we hear one of his guitars in the morning-just like his daddy. Saturday morning was the big birthday brunch for both my guys. No pics of this or anything else that followed because I was in survival mode by this time. It was a hit though, we had a house full and I love it. It is the Mexican in me- I really do not know how to have a small party. For myself, I really could care less about a big party just something small with my hubs and closest friends is fine by me, but when I throw one, especially for my husband and kids, I do it full out. Saturday afternoon is when James' surprises began-his two buddies came by the house and surprised him and took him the the Baylor game and they smeared A&M which made it that much better. Then, they brought him to my parents where we had a projector showing Bourne Ultimatum and had pizza, beer and poker- all of my honey's favorite. To top it off one of his best buds who won all of the money, shoved it in James' pocket and ran off- thanks Brad.
So by Monday, James' actual birthday I was too pooped to pop. We had a low key evening, went to dinner and a movie and have been recovering all week. I love it though. Thankfully next year are not monumental years in either of their lives.... but don't you worry, Graham will be turning one four months later...