Sunday, November 23, 2008

But baby it's cold outside...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza Weekend.

Well the big birthday weekend really went awesome but it wiped poor pregnant mama out. It all started Friday morning with pancakes with mommy and daddy. Friday afternoon Keller and I went with his best buds to the zoo- such a fun time and Keller loves the zoo so much that his Mimi and Papaw got him a pass for the year. In the pictures you will see Ana, Luci's daughter, Jack, Sara's son and Tate, LeeAnne's son. Melissa and Madeline were there with us too but had to leave before pictures began. Keller and Tate basically ran the entire time and both of their mommies are pregnant so Luci and Sara chased after them for us and kept them from being attacked by buffalo. It was a perfect afternoon for the zoo and it is what we did last year for his birthday so that was a fun tradition to continue in. Then James' parents came in from Houston and we had a birthday dinner at my parent' house with the fam. Opened presents and ate cupcakes- side note- I found a butter cream icing recipe that blew my socks off-perfect. Then Friday night Keller spent his first night in his "big boy bed". It was a bit emotional for me but he pulled it off like a charm and has done pretty awesome all week. James and I laugh because we can tell he is up and out of bed when we hear one of his guitars in the morning-just like his daddy. Saturday morning was the big birthday brunch for both my guys. No pics of this or anything else that followed because I was in survival mode by this time. It was a hit though, we had a house full and I love it. It is the Mexican in me- I really do not know how to have a small party. For myself, I really could care less about a big party just something small with my hubs and closest friends is fine by me, but when I throw one, especially for my husband and kids, I do it full out. Saturday afternoon is when James' surprises began-his two buddies came by the house and surprised him and took him the the Baylor game and they smeared A&M which made it that much better. Then, they brought him to my parents where we had a projector showing Bourne Ultimatum and had pizza, beer and poker- all of my honey's favorite. To top it off one of his best buds who won all of the money, shoved it in James' pocket and ran off- thanks Brad.
So by Monday, James' actual birthday I was too pooped to pop. We had a low key evening, went to dinner and a movie and have been recovering all week. I love it though. Thankfully next year are not monumental years in either of their lives.... but don't you worry, Graham will be turning one four months later...

Friday, November 14, 2008


My sweet baby boy is 2 years old today- so hard to believe. He has been the greatest to our lives. Children really are a gift from the Lord. Things that I love about Keller Cade are-
1.his fun loving and outgoing personality.
2. his "big" hugs and kisses.
3. The good friend that he already is to his pals.
4. His precious kissable face.
5. His cute little voice.
6. His inquisitiveness- he asks me about 100 questions a day. His favorite one right now is, " where's daddy?"
7. The way his hair stands up like his Grandpa's when he wakes up in the morning.
8. His tenderness and strength.
9. The way he runs.
10. And to quote our favorite book these days, " You, the You person YOU. The bones and the meat you, the messy way you eat you, the total and complete you, the you person YOU! YOU yes YOU, I LOVE YOU!"
Happy Birthday precious one!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Cute.

We had a fun filled Halloween/Baylor Homecoming Weekend. We decided just to take the kids to the Bonfire for Halloween night and once again skip the whole trick or treating thing- still not sure where I land when it comes going to stranger's doors with my innocent children??? Anyways, we ate a little dinner at Chik fil A with the Martin's and the Hoppe's and went to the bonfire- they were the cutest kids there. I have to say, Ana and Keller were cute but Jack Martin was the show stopper in his dog get up- too cute. Keller would not keep the dragon head on so we did not get many pictures of the full ensemble. The kids loved running around with glow sticks, pushing the wagon and dancing to the music. I love that Keller has such precious friends to make memories with- Ana is such a trooper with her rough and tumble buds.
Saturday morning, Keller and I went to the parade with Sara and Jack and my parents and Eric. I feel very adamant about being on campus for the largest and oldest collegiate parade in the U.S. but geesh- it is so crowded and much more of a social gathering for all the alumni. We had ladies come and stand right in front of us and just gab while we were trying to watch and get candy. So I don't know, maybe we will find a better spot next year- we will see. James got to go the football game with his brother and our nephew while my precious sister in law and I hung out with the little ones. Such a memorable weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better than Christmas.

Really with both babies I have been more excited on the eve of finding out, than a kid waiting for Christmas. I cannot sleep the night before, I go back and forth in my head wondering what it will be, hearing the ultrasound tech say " it's a girl" or " you are having another boy." This morning, I woke up at 645 partly due to the excitement and partly due to the time change. I sat out on my porch guzzling down the fluids so my bladder would be full enough to see my baby and I thought, I am so glad I do not pick the sex. That God who loves me and has had a beautiful plan beyond my wildest dreams has in motion a beautiful quiver for our family. So we went this morning and the guy pressed all around on my growing tummy- which makes it hard to really engage in the moment because I have to pee so bad and am hoping that I don not wet my pants-and showed us how the baby's kidneys were functioning, "it" was swallowing and moving "it's" appendages and then our biggest question was answered. I once again am growing another penis inside of me. We are having a SON! James and I both feel so excited and full at the thought of having two boys. Keller has been such a joy, more than I could have ever imagined and the fact that I get to have two is beyond what I could have hoped for. We have been praying for him since before he existed. A few things the Lord has already spoken to us about him is that he will be different than his older brother and we will parent each of our children with uniqueness. The Lord told James that he would be a man who sees past peoples walls and defenses and shines light to who people really are calling out the gold inside of others. The Lord told me that this person would be a man that would walk in freedom and bring hope to the world and would be a safe refuge for others. Also that our son would be a strong leader even though he may not be as outgoing or extroverted as his older brother he will lead others by his resolve and character. So it seem so fitting that we name him Graham Hudson. Graham means homestead or home and Hudson means brave ruler. We pray that will mark his life. We are overjoyed at the new blessing that we will soon hold in our arms in March!