Thursday, August 13, 2009

kid #1.

Oh Keller, all I can say is that it is always extreme with Keller,always has been. We are either totally in sync, having a blast, the best of buds, or totally at odds-yikes. Maybe it is because we are both SO strong willed? He is in the throws of figuring out what he has control over and what he can get away with. I never want to say terrible two's because I don't want to speak that over my children, but we are fo' sho' having some terrible moments:)The picture of him eating is the little bite of salmon that he refused to eat and sat in his chair for 45 minutes bawling. Finally I told him that I would take a picture of him if he ate it- voila. What can I say, he loves the camera. He just melts my heart with that big grin and charm. I am so in love with this kid and he amazes me every day. We were driving by this scary looking carnival that was just thrown together in the middle of a field, a place that I would never take my children and I said, " look Keller, that is a yucky looking carnival," to that he responded, " no mommy, that is beautiful." HA!
He is still potty training:) we have got the tee tee down to an art, the poo poo is another story but we are taking it day by day. I did find poo all over his walls yesterday morning when I went to get him up, but I won't bore you....
The things Keller loves right now- Backyardigans, hearing made up stories by mommy and daddy, counting to 30, singing his ABC's and fighthing:) He wants to fight all day and with anything- swords, bats, balls, balloons, you name it, it is a weapon. He is such a boy. Smart as a whip and just too cute!

kid #2.

Keller put G's paci in upside down, but at least it's in!
There are too many things to say about my precious kids, I have to do 2 posts. Graham, oh Graham, he is such a delight. This baby is so darn cute, his little cheeks are probably imprinted with marks from my lips! He is doing so good, still trying to figure out sleep stuff but he is making strides. He is also teething which throws off the sleep thing but other than that, he is such an easy baby. His favorite things are- me:), watching his brother do anything, his pacifier and his fingers. He is rolling over like a mad man and is just growing. I love everything about Graham but one of my favorite things is his eyes- if you notice in the pics, they are always WIDE open. He is like that at all waking hours, like a deer in headlights and I love it. He has been such a sweet blessing to our family and I love that he is my son!