Tuesday, December 29, 2009


December 23rd.
James worked while the boys and I finished wrapping gifts. Went to the Bell's and had our traditional Mexican feast with my parents, Lance and Kristen and Margaret and Eric. Opened presents one person at a time. Lots of toys and clothes. Then we came home and put out cookies and milk for Santa and wrote him a note. Boys went down about 9 and then "Santa" and I were up until 1am putting together the train table while we watched "Deck the Halls". Well, "Santa" did the work, I supervised and made muffins:)
December 24th.
Woke up at 6:30, well actually had already been up at 4:09 with the dog... at 6:30 made sure the house was nice and festive, started a fire but before made ash footprints from the fireplace to the Christmas tree.
7:00- Jojo and Grandpa arrive and we get the boys up to see what Santa had brought and they loved it all. Ate kolaches and coffee cake, James read from Luke 2,we did advent and then opened our presents from each other. Played with toys, Graham napped, Keller went home with Jojo for a while, James and I tried to nap, packed, cleaned up, packed the van, took Ruby to Jojo's, went to the bank, ate lunch at McAlister's, returned a few things at the mall, relished that it was snowing in Waco on Christmas eve, drove in the snow and wind to Houston.
Arrived to Houston about 4:30. Played with the cousins, ate Chili, got in the back of Pawpaw's truck with blankets, gloves, hot chocolate and went around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.
Went to bed around 8:30 because did not get much sleep the night before.
December 25th.
7:30- Christmas with the Walker's. Pawpaw read the Christmas story, opened presents, mommy was a little out of it because of the Benadryl I had taken the night before. Played played played. I took a nap while the playing was happening and the big guys were putting together the gun case and new trampoline. Ate Ham and all the fixings. Went to see Alvin and the Chimpunk's with everyone minus Mimi, Pawpaw and Graham. Jumped on the trampoline, napped, played Monopoly with the teenage boys. Ate off and on all day long. Went to bed around 9:)
December 26th.
8-got a wonderful night's sleep! Ate breakfast, played, went to the mall with everyone:) Ate Mr. Ghatti's- which is probably one of my highlights. Napped, played, trampolined. Went to see Avatar with bro and sis in law- loved it which surprises me.
10 bed.
December 27th.
Went to church, packed up and left the munchkins with the in laws. Ate La Madeline at the Galleria, walked around a bit and decided that we needed a nap. Checked into our hotel, napped, showered and went shopping some more. Went to a fabulous wine bar, The Tasting Room-highly recommend. Shopped some more, ate dinner at PF Changs. Walked around and had a wonderful and romantic night out with the love of my life. Cheesecake Factory for dessert and in bed by 945.
December 28th.
Happy 30th birtday to me, slept til 830! Got up and went to breakfast at Panera with James. Spent time with Jesus and looked back on my 29th year and dreamed about my thirties.
Went back to the in laws and played with the boys. Had Sonic for lunch. Packed up. Picked up Charlie. Drove back to Waco. Unpacked. Picked up Ruby. Opened birthday presents. Ninfa's with parents, hubby and boys. Home on the couch with a fire, dog and husband. Finished off the night with some good ol' Gilmore Girls, in bed at 10.
If you are still reading this, thank you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Got one.

Merry Christmas! Thank you God for the greatest gift ever!


Maybe this post will actually happen. Lots going on in the Walker house. Lots of birthdays, pine needles, poop! Yes that is what I said. From my 9 month old who is eating table food now and would eat all day if I let him, lots of poop from him. From my 3 year old who is "potty training" and I say training in the most loose term, sometimes it ends up in the elmo potty, sometimes in the undies, sometimes on the wall.... yesterday we were playing hide and go seek, well actually I would let him hide while I tried to fold a few items of clothes or wipe off the counters while he "hid" I mean you got to take advantage of those times. So when I finally went into his room to "find" him, his undies, pants and socks were laying on the floor, wet and he was covered up in his bed. "Hey Keller, did you have an accident?" "No mommy, I was waiting for you to find me in the closet and I had to tee tee but I was hiding and then I got tired." Whoops, guess I took it a little too far. Back to the poop, we got a dog and she poops outside! Ruby Noel joined our family last week and she is the sweetest dog there ever was. We rescued her from a kennel out in the country. She is Lab/Blue Heeler mix and is the prettiest and greatest gift. She is supposed to be the boys Christmas present but she has been mine too.
Pictures are of our attempt at a Christmas pic.