Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I know.

I am like an old retired man. I need a nap everyday. If I do not get one I am a bear all afternoon and its cereal or taco bell for dinner- no books, or games just let mommy lay on your bed or floor or stairs while you take care of each other.
I love living in Waco. Just today I saw five different people I know from five different times in my life and to some that sounds awful but to me it makes me feel at home. Waco is like that really no matter how long you live here.
I love Bid Red. If I knew that a sustainable diet could consist of Big Red, Pizza, Cool Ranch Doritos and Hairbo Gummy Bears, that would be my diet.
I wear my ugg houseshoes all day everyday. Does not matter how hot it is outside, they will be found on my feet.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi, I am Adrianna, nice to meet you.

These were the first pictures that came up on Google images when I typed in my full name-interesting, eh?
The only person who really cares if I am write another blog is my mother but I also realize how cathartic posting can be and cathartic I need. My boys have been on and off sick for, oh, most of the summer. We had our introduction to puke Thursday. I am pretty surprised and grateful that after almost 4 years of mommying, this was our first puke. Isn't that an awful word- which is a better- vomit? throw up? ralphing? All of them sounds putrid to me. Putrid is awful too... welcome to the stream of consciousness I deal with on a daily basis.
So now to the positives. No bites, not even a lick on our house. But we are believing for perfect divine timing so most days it does feel like a positive. How spiritual and mature of me. We are happy. I think on a scale from 1-10 most days I am an 7, I would be an 8 if it was not so *insert curse word if that is your thing here* HOT.I always get to July and think why do I live here? Oh I forgot, I am being positive. Really though, my kids are beautiful and mostly healthy, my husband is a rockstar, my family and friends are treasures. See I am already an 8 again.
Let's see, what else? Because of a heel spur I have been swimming laps for exercise and that has been so refreshing and cathartic as well- I like that word, as much as I don't like puke. Big boy starts preschool in a month- what? G bubs will be on one day of MDO and Thursdays will be filled with Days of Our Lives and red wine. Hopefully we will be getting our computer back soon so I can post some pictures again of my treasures. If you were friends with me on facebook, I have not been defriending everyone but deactivated my account. Wow, I didn't realize how hard it would be to do but to be honest, I have not missed it. Be back soon, scouts honor Mom.