Monday, November 9, 2009

This character is almost 3.

I cannot believe my baby boy will be 3 years old this weekend. Wow. I hope to write a post on his actual birthday, but with my current blogging track record, not so sure that will happen. So I will write today. Keller Cade Walker, what a guy you are. You have the greatest personality in the world! You are fun loving, caring, tough, witty, precocious, tender, and just a complete joy to my life. Daddy and I come in to kiss you every night before we go to bed and still we both just smile and laugh at what a gift you are. My precious firstborn, I could already write a book about all that you are and all that I know you will become. I look forward to the next year with you. You amaze me and I love you my precious angel boy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Plenty of excuses.

Not that I think anyone is crying that I have not blogged in 2 months but of course I feel guilty- why is that? Anywho, here is what has kept me from it.