Monday, September 27, 2010

oh and...

look at that precious picture of G bubs? I don't mean to forget him in my posts- he is very unforgotten in our home and if you came to visit you would see that he makes sure he is NOT forgotten. This picture was taken after who knows what sweet treats at Jojo's house. K dub could care less about taking pictures but G bubs LOVES! to take pictures. If he just sees the camera he runs up and says " Cheeeeese." He is so gorgeous and has the most precoius personality. I look at him several times a day and think, how did I get so blessed with such a precious baby?

I do love me some FALL!

I had my first moment yesterday. I woke up after a normal Sunday afternoon nap to a cool breeze in the air. I think I begin to think that it will never be cold again by the end of August. We will cooped up in the fake cold house until the Rapture. But then, days like yesterday oh and then MORNINGS like this one. My sweet little soul feels like it opens it's door to the cold fall breeze. Here is what I have loved in falls past-
The Obvious
Autumn Festival Yankee candle
Pumpkin Spice Latte's
Leaves turning
football weather
going outdoors and not sweating like a man
Baylor Homecoming
Pumpkin Patch
First Fires
Exercising outside
The Not so Obvious
Watching Gilmore Girls- it is a very fall experience for me
Knitting scarves
Biggest Loser
Eating soup (okay maybe that is obvious but I am pretty black and white about when I can eat soup)
Eating lots of apples
HOT Fair and Rodeo

This fall will bring new traditions-
Soccer! My sweet boy is playing soccer this fall. He and his best bud Jack are on the same team that ended up being a "camp" since there were not enough kids to put together more than one team:) but it has been precious. OH I LOVE MY BUDDY! He is so sweet and encouraging to the other players. After the first night he wanted to pray for one of the friends who was not having a good time participating. He is also quite the leader, as if I did not know- they were asked what their favorite animal was so they could decide on a team name and Keller yelled " SNAKES'. The coach asked if any other kids had a favorite animal probably secretly hoping that they would not be the Snakes but Keller persisted and therefore is apart of the only soccer team ever named after the serpent in the garden!
Although I have been to the HOT fair and rodeo just about every year of my life, we have only taken KW once and G bubs has never been. So we are officially starting the tradition as a family this year. So excited to see them love it has much as I did when I was a kid.

I am also excited

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was a good day. I have been on a steering committee for almost a year now of woman planning a new ministry at our church that looks a lot like MOPS. We have been meeting monthly planning and making nothing into something. Today was our first official NEST time and it was precious. The whole time I kept thinking to myself I can't believe it has happened. I feel so honored to be apart. I love my church with all my heart. IT truly was such a sweet time of fellowship with other mom's both in my stage of life and a little farther along in the journey. We were blessed by Godly women teaching us about mothering personalities and celebrating being a mom of young ones. I felt envisioned and excited to be with my boys after it was over and I felt desperate for a nap since I had been up since 5:30 getting everything ready. So I hugged my boys, made them lunch, tackled with them because that is what little boys do, or my little boys and then took a nice long nap.

Friday, September 3, 2010


This first picture cracks me up, what good effort huh?

I kiss that face about 50 billion times a day.

" Yeah mom, I am staying late after school for football practice so fix me some steak and tell all the girls I will call them back never because you are the only woman in my life til' I'm thirty." "Okay honey, kiss kiss."

My big boy. His best effort at cheese always turns out like he is going potty.

Love of my life.

Oh my gorgeous boys- they melt me, what can I say? How could they not? We started preschool and Mother's Day Out yesterday. So here are the stats.
Big K- wonderful Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Dollar- well, I think they will have their hands full with this little tiger. They told me he did good but, there was a lot of redirecting because he "just wants to play". Then today they said, " he did good, he is just so busy." I think it is a good thing though. For him to have structure and be in a school environment. I will be interested to see how he does as the year goes on. He is such a smart cookie so I am just praying that he will LOVE it.
Bubba G- I was a little worried about how he would do. He is almost 18 months old and I have not left him in childcare for more than a few hours. My first clue that this would not be the case should have been the strutting he began doing the minute we walked in the door. He grabbed his lunchbox from me and started marching to his door basically knocking it down. No tears. No bye byes, off he went. When I picked him he was happy as a clam. So sweet. Should I have been sad? I was not really.
Me- LOVED.EVERY.MINUTE.TO.MYSELF. I needed it more than I knew. I got time alone, with friends, out and about in my swagger wagon with no babes in tow. Loved it.
Then today, Kdub went back to school for the morning and G bubs and I bopped around. Another nice component was getting alone time with my little guy. Also, our new ministry that I am helping head up will begin next Wednesday. I am so excited about it and feel so blessed to be apart of pioneering it. I love this time of year, it feels so exciting and fresh. Happy September.