Thursday, October 30, 2008

It begins.

This time of of year is for sure the busiest for our family. Yes I am talking about holidays and birthdays (between the Walker's and Bell's we have 9 birthdays in November and December) but every other weekend is filled with weddings, reunions, camp outs, pumpkin parties etc. We would not trade it for the world, but by the time my birthday rolls around at the end of December, all I want to to is stay in bed. So a little update on us the past few weeks.
Two weeks ago was my 10 year high school reunion. It was a surreal experience. I had awesome moments of reconnecting with old friends at the football game on Friday night. At one point I was sitting there gabbing with the same group of girls I would sit with 12 years ago at football games and James called, he could not be there because he was on a camp out with Eric, I answered the phone and said who are you? It was just so odd being 28 married, parent, bun in the oven and sitting there talking like I did when I was 16.It was really a great time but the weekend also made me thankful that I am no longer in high school and that time of life is a great memory and that is where it will stay. Then last weekend Keller and I went to visit our buds in Austin, Robyn and Carolina. We had such a fun time with the munchkins. Robyn has been my dearest friend since elementary. It is fun to have kids together now and share in those joys. This weekend is Baylor Homecoming and the Walker's are joining in the festivities. Since the bonfire and pep rally are on Halloween, We are going with the Hoppe's and Martin's to that and dressing the kiddos up. The picture above is Keller as a dragon but he does not like wearing the head part so we will see. Keller boy is turning two in two weeks, we find out if our baby is going to be a dude or a little lady next Tuesday so we have exciting times up ahead!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good ol' HOT Fair

If you have ever lived in Waco, you know what a big deal the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo is when it comes to town. My dad told me once that he asked a Pawn Shop owner what was his busiest time of year and he said the Fair-a little wacky huh? Anyhow, James and I were planning to skip out on the fair this year because it is SO expensive but at the last minute my parents told us to come with them and the boys. The first hour was a bit rough because Keller was very overstimulated by it all but then we bought him a sucker as big as his head and that was all he needed-you got to do what you got to do.