Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fall is my favoritest season of All..

Really, I love fall. It brings back so many memories from childhood and even just last year. I love the trees turning. Football. Dead grass. First fires. Amazing Race beginning. Trick or Treaterss. Jeans. Sweaters. Snuggling. Fall colors and decor( I have already been putting my stuff out-he he). The anticipation of Christmas. The first cool day. Sitting on the porch. Gingerbread lattes from the Star. Both of my boys birthdays(KW 11/14, JW 11/17). Wearing my hair down after months of pony tails. Baylor bonfire and parade. Remembering the beginning of school- new outfits, trapper keepers and pencils that somehow made the thought of doing schoolwork again exciting- at least for the first week. So even though it is 1 million degrees out as I lament, I am preparing myself for this glorious time of year and looking down the street for it- like the parade:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

stay at home mommyhood...

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with Keller, I mean really. Daily I am so thankful that this is the season I am in. Some of my favorite things about our day is our trips to the grocery store and Target- its great catching up time for the two of us since we do not get that much:) But really I do love those times because he loves it- he smiles at everyone and just talks and wants to touch everything. Also I love playing and watching him crawl now-very entertaining. I also enjoy moments like these where I have put Keller down for a nap and I get to reflect on what a joy he is. Something else fun we get to do is every few weeks, some of my other mommy friends and I get together at someones home and do lunch with all of our little ones.(pic included) So all that to say, it is wonderful but it has its challenges too. I basically do about the same thing every day and at about the same time and while I am actually a creature of habit and love routine it can get a bit monotonous i.e.- Mondays, clean the kitchen, Tuesdays, do the laundry,Thursdays, sweep and mop .etc... and while I am glad that I am healthy to be able to do this and have a home that I love, it can get old. So to my other stay at home mommy friends, I think its good to encourage each other with what we love about this season and to the ones who want to be stay at mom's, there are advantages to it too. I think I am learning to love my season, no matter what and not wish it away because it will pass for all of us so I want to experience all that God has for me in it!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Almost nine months

It is official. Keller is mobile. Last Tuesday James and I were hanging out with KW in his room and James said, " I think he is crawling." Sure enough. Once he figured out that this scooting on his knees could get him from the ball to the dog, he is unstoppable! It is so cute to watch. Last night we watched some of the video we have taken over the last 9 months and we were amazed at how much a baby can change in that time. I remember being so proud when he started batting at his zebra on his play mat and today he is crawling. He also got his first tooth last week and started pulling himself up...it's no wonder I have already taken a nap today. Saturday during his morning nap James and I crawled around the house on hands and knees to see what the little guy could get into and we officially baby proofed the house. This is such a fun journey of watching someone discover the world around them. Pictures of the crawling and tooth will be coming shortly.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shout out!

Just wanted to give my honey some love cause he hasn't gotten much screen time on the blog. James, my love, is the bestest of the best. Beyond my wildest dreams ever! He is the most awesome husband and daddy!My favorite person to be with in the world. We have a ball together and fall more and more in love every day. So this ones for you baby, love you...