Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no pictures but still interesting.

Our computer blitzed, I am re reading the Twilight series, too many great tv show finales, a bike riding 3 year old, a walking 14 month old are my very worthy excuses not to blog. Since I am using a computer that I will not be loading pictures on there will not be any but I will share with you some of the things we have been up too as well as my new list of favorites.

Keller started swimming lessons last week and is loving it. His teacher told me that he is such a champ and does everything they ask him to do- he is pretty fearless so I knew he would do great. I cannot wait until Friday when they let the parents come and watch.

James and I had a little 36 hour get away to Austin last weekend- very appreciated. My folks kept he kids and we pricelined a hotel. Went and ate at the Iron Cactus on
6th street, slept, went to Jo's coffee and then the Arboretum and spent almost 3 hours in Barnes just reading. To kidless peeps this sounds like nothing but to those of us with young ens this is a dream come true. Then we got to witness a spectacular wedding and see so many old friends!

Graham is walking- it is the cutest thing to see a 14 month old stumble around like he has had one to many. Now him and brother play together all day long and it is music to my ears to hear them laughing in the other room together!

Some of my favorite things right now are:
vanilla yogurht and a little honey with whatever fruit is around that day- thanks Mary for the tip.
the little Farmer's Market- this is no big city farmer's market but I will be thankful for what we have.
Iced Coffee in the afternoons
Playing cars with Keller
Lady Antebellum or Veggie Tales at all times in the car
Purple eye shadow
my first spray tan
Turqoise anything
Harold James Walker...just to name a few.