Tuesday, January 26, 2010

9 months... and now almost 11.

The first pics are from Graham's 9 month photo shoot and the next were taken this weekend. He is growing so fast. I am beginning to plan his first birthday party. How did this happen? As much as you want life to stand still or just go in slow motion for some of these moments it will not. Graham is the sweetest treasure of a child. He is focused and driven. I told God that I probably needed a little bit more of a laid back child the second time around- he giggled and gave me Graham. He is just as strong willed as his older brother. They are already starting to get into little tiffs and to be honest I think I secretly like it. G is beautiful. He has got knock out eyes, gorgeous olive skin ( the 1/8th Mexican kicked in) and a smile that melts me. He loves to be held still but is becoming more independent. His favorite things right now are Ruby our dog, all of brothers toy and any kind of food that you stick in front of him. HE loves to ride in the stroller. I am so in love with this child and feel undeserving of the gift I have been given.