Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Cute.

We had a fun filled Halloween/Baylor Homecoming Weekend. We decided just to take the kids to the Bonfire for Halloween night and once again skip the whole trick or treating thing- still not sure where I land when it comes going to stranger's doors with my innocent children??? Anyways, we ate a little dinner at Chik fil A with the Martin's and the Hoppe's and went to the bonfire- they were the cutest kids there. I have to say, Ana and Keller were cute but Jack Martin was the show stopper in his dog get up- too cute. Keller would not keep the dragon head on so we did not get many pictures of the full ensemble. The kids loved running around with glow sticks, pushing the wagon and dancing to the music. I love that Keller has such precious friends to make memories with- Ana is such a trooper with her rough and tumble buds.
Saturday morning, Keller and I went to the parade with Sara and Jack and my parents and Eric. I feel very adamant about being on campus for the largest and oldest collegiate parade in the U.S. but geesh- it is so crowded and much more of a social gathering for all the alumni. We had ladies come and stand right in front of us and just gab while we were trying to watch and get candy. So I don't know, maybe we will find a better spot next year- we will see. James got to go the football game with his brother and our nephew while my precious sister in law and I hung out with the little ones. Such a memorable weekend!


Luci said...

look at those little munchies! too cute! i wonder who they all belong to :)

Robyn said...

that is a great pic of you, luci, and sara. really pretty!

catherine said...

Congrats on the exciting news. I know Keller will love having a baby brother!