Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where do I begin?

It has been forever since my last blog and I have good excuses-1. two kids keeping me very busy, 2. our computer has been down but we got it fixed this weekend.
So I will start with the latest. This weekend James and I took a 26 hour vacay to Dallas without the boys. My brave and fantastic parents kept both of my children- saints I know. Keeping up with a 2 1/2 year old will wear anyone out, but add to that a 9 week old who LOVES being held every single moment of the day and is still waking up at 3am for room service, that is alot of work for anyone. So my parents are such champs and are such a big reason that James and I have a great marriage- we get weekends away and dates! It was such a refreshing time. We left town after breakfast and headed to Dallas. We shopped a bit, went to the Mac store- that is a crazy place if you have never been. There is like a bazillion employees and they are all real eccentric, I was a bit out of my element but James loved it. Then we went and ate at Grimaldi's- this awesome pizza place in uptown that we found last year and loved. Then we shopped some more, then went to Sangria Tappa's bar for a little snack and some sangria- yum! Next we drove to Las Colinas to check into our awesome hotel that we pricelined and got a steal- The Omni in Las Colinas. Our room was on the 23rd floor overlooking this gorgeous lake and in the distance we could see the Dallas skyline. We napped and read and went and soaked in the hot tub outside while it was nice and cool. Got ready and went and ate at PF Changs for dinner and ended at the corner bakery for coffee and dessert. Are you seeing a trend? Lots of eating! We were asleep by 10 and besides having to get up once to pump (sorry guys) I got an awesome nights sleep. We woke up this morning and James went and got us breakfast and we ate in bed and then sat for a while journaling, reading and sipping our coffee in our robes. Packed up and headed back to town. It was just long enough too because I was ready to see my boys.

Mother's Day weekend was also wonderful. Saturday we bought a little pool for the backyard and spent most of the day outside. Then Sunday was baby dedication at church and it was so special since it was Mother's Day. Keller was dedicated to God on Mother's Day as well, so special. Then we went with my parents and had brunch. Came home and napped and then Mom and I went and saw a movie and ended the day with dinner at the folks house and the finale of the Amazing Race. I love being a mom and I love celebrating my mom, so it was such a fun day!

Kid updates- Keller amazes me with the things he says, he really is such a character. His daddy built him a fort for his bedroom- gulp, I am sure all of the mom's seeing these pics are thinking whoa, that looks a little dangerous, that is what I thought but it has not be so bad and Keller LOVES it. he wants to sleep in it most nights.
Graham is doing better. We found out he has heartburn/reflux and so he is taking zantac and that is making a world of difference. He is sleeping enough:) but we are trying to help him to stretch it out a bit.

We are slowly but surely figuring out life with two kids. It can be overwhelming at times and at other times my heart feels so full I think it will burst.