Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities.

We had a great time visiting family in Houston and Louisiana but all of the traveling was alot on my poor little 6 month pregnant body. We spent the actual Thanksgiving in Ball, LA stands for - COUNTRY! We spent the day eating, petting the llamas, peacocks, chickens and dogs next door, playing the drums set up in the living room and shooting guns. Don't judge. You only understand if you are a cajun ( I am not I will add) that it is TOTALLY NORMAL to let a precious two year old boy hold and help daddy shoot the gun. Still no mashed potatoes but this time around the turkey was not fried and all of the sides were not "slawed" as in cole slaw, carrot slaw etc. All in all it was a memorable trip and we always love seeing James' parents and brothers.


Kelly said...

Yep...I was thinking..OH MY GOSH, Keller is holding that gun with his daddy. I'm not cajun I guess : ) Love you and I'm glad yall had a good time...I'm thinking last year, was this the whole crawfish in a tub holiday??

Matt and Ginny said...

Hey! It is so fun to see you! I can't believe you have an adorable little boy and another one on the way. You are such a cute momma!