Monday, December 20, 2010

3 chicks.

Walker baby 3 making "its" debute August 13,2011.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good thing my kids are cute!

Cause they are wearing this mama OUT! The fall is always super jam packed for us and it is only beginning. Keller had his first official school program a few weeks ago- SO STINKIN' CUTE and this year they actually included the MDO kids to bubba G had his time in the limelight. Highlights from the Fall Show- Graham was kept in the bye bye buggy and I am guessing they did that because they knew that my determined-i know what I want-don't try to keep me from my mama child would run off the stage at his first chance. Instead, the little love behind him kept hitting him with her star wand and it was totally t-ing him off. He kept looking over his shoulder at her as to say, " yo babe, you fine and all but keep your wands to yourself, you cramping my style."
As for big K, two shining moments both very typical of my child. Unbeknownst to his music teacher obviously, she put Keller right in front of one of his best buddies since birth. From the minute the singing began, they were messing with each other which ended in an almost disaster of Keller fallign and almost bringing down all of the darlings in front of him. Lastly, they finished the evening by singing, "How Great is Our God" which has been his song of choice for about a month now. To see him on stage singing his heart out to Jesus, jsut about did me in. It gave me glimpses into his worshipping heart for the future- which I am needing these days because he is testing the boundaries. They both are in different ways. My children are textbook for spirited, strong willed or any other word to describe a willful child. Most days I can get some perspective and be positive but some days I am wiped. On one specific day, we went to the pumpkin patch in Temple- so cute but all I kept thinking is, get me away from my children! RED FLAG! I know I really need a break when thoughts like this begin happening. So even though the pics are cute, it was not the funnest of times we have ever had as a fam.
You know I am maxed if I am willing to skip out on Baylor Homecoming festivities- I look forward to them all year. This year all I wanted was to get out of Waco and be free of mama responsibilities for a minute. So my sweet husband took me to the Big D for lots of feasting, shopping and resting! No pics but I will say that the weekend included, four inch heels, a PHENOM jazz club, good time in the word, lots of great convos with the honey and Northpark. So I was so happy to see my monkeys and they were happy to see me. I think we both needed a break!

Monday, September 27, 2010

oh and...

look at that precious picture of G bubs? I don't mean to forget him in my posts- he is very unforgotten in our home and if you came to visit you would see that he makes sure he is NOT forgotten. This picture was taken after who knows what sweet treats at Jojo's house. K dub could care less about taking pictures but G bubs LOVES! to take pictures. If he just sees the camera he runs up and says " Cheeeeese." He is so gorgeous and has the most precoius personality. I look at him several times a day and think, how did I get so blessed with such a precious baby?

I do love me some FALL!

I had my first moment yesterday. I woke up after a normal Sunday afternoon nap to a cool breeze in the air. I think I begin to think that it will never be cold again by the end of August. We will cooped up in the fake cold house until the Rapture. But then, days like yesterday oh and then MORNINGS like this one. My sweet little soul feels like it opens it's door to the cold fall breeze. Here is what I have loved in falls past-
The Obvious
Autumn Festival Yankee candle
Pumpkin Spice Latte's
Leaves turning
football weather
going outdoors and not sweating like a man
Baylor Homecoming
Pumpkin Patch
First Fires
Exercising outside
The Not so Obvious
Watching Gilmore Girls- it is a very fall experience for me
Knitting scarves
Biggest Loser
Eating soup (okay maybe that is obvious but I am pretty black and white about when I can eat soup)
Eating lots of apples
HOT Fair and Rodeo

This fall will bring new traditions-
Soccer! My sweet boy is playing soccer this fall. He and his best bud Jack are on the same team that ended up being a "camp" since there were not enough kids to put together more than one team:) but it has been precious. OH I LOVE MY BUDDY! He is so sweet and encouraging to the other players. After the first night he wanted to pray for one of the friends who was not having a good time participating. He is also quite the leader, as if I did not know- they were asked what their favorite animal was so they could decide on a team name and Keller yelled " SNAKES'. The coach asked if any other kids had a favorite animal probably secretly hoping that they would not be the Snakes but Keller persisted and therefore is apart of the only soccer team ever named after the serpent in the garden!
Although I have been to the HOT fair and rodeo just about every year of my life, we have only taken KW once and G bubs has never been. So we are officially starting the tradition as a family this year. So excited to see them love it has much as I did when I was a kid.

I am also excited

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was a good day. I have been on a steering committee for almost a year now of woman planning a new ministry at our church that looks a lot like MOPS. We have been meeting monthly planning and making nothing into something. Today was our first official NEST time and it was precious. The whole time I kept thinking to myself I can't believe it has happened. I feel so honored to be apart. I love my church with all my heart. IT truly was such a sweet time of fellowship with other mom's both in my stage of life and a little farther along in the journey. We were blessed by Godly women teaching us about mothering personalities and celebrating being a mom of young ones. I felt envisioned and excited to be with my boys after it was over and I felt desperate for a nap since I had been up since 5:30 getting everything ready. So I hugged my boys, made them lunch, tackled with them because that is what little boys do, or my little boys and then took a nice long nap.

Friday, September 3, 2010


This first picture cracks me up, what good effort huh?

I kiss that face about 50 billion times a day.

" Yeah mom, I am staying late after school for football practice so fix me some steak and tell all the girls I will call them back never because you are the only woman in my life til' I'm thirty." "Okay honey, kiss kiss."

My big boy. His best effort at cheese always turns out like he is going potty.

Love of my life.

Oh my gorgeous boys- they melt me, what can I say? How could they not? We started preschool and Mother's Day Out yesterday. So here are the stats.
Big K- wonderful Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Dollar- well, I think they will have their hands full with this little tiger. They told me he did good but, there was a lot of redirecting because he "just wants to play". Then today they said, " he did good, he is just so busy." I think it is a good thing though. For him to have structure and be in a school environment. I will be interested to see how he does as the year goes on. He is such a smart cookie so I am just praying that he will LOVE it.
Bubba G- I was a little worried about how he would do. He is almost 18 months old and I have not left him in childcare for more than a few hours. My first clue that this would not be the case should have been the strutting he began doing the minute we walked in the door. He grabbed his lunchbox from me and started marching to his door basically knocking it down. No tears. No bye byes, off he went. When I picked him he was happy as a clam. So sweet. Should I have been sad? I was not really.
Me- LOVED.EVERY.MINUTE.TO.MYSELF. I needed it more than I knew. I got time alone, with friends, out and about in my swagger wagon with no babes in tow. Loved it.
Then today, Kdub went back to school for the morning and G bubs and I bopped around. Another nice component was getting alone time with my little guy. Also, our new ministry that I am helping head up will begin next Wednesday. I am so excited about it and feel so blessed to be apart of pioneering it. I love this time of year, it feels so exciting and fresh. Happy September.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


With THE Pioneer Woman. Enthralled, addicted, borderline stalker of this woman. If you have not read her blog or cooked any of her recipes- your life has been less than- I mean it. Stop what you are doing, stop reading and go to her blog. Before you do, make sure you have a few hours to yourself to read about her life, her love story, peruse her recipes etc. So far I have made (to list a few)- sloppy joes, key lime pie, Asian noodle salad, lasagna, cinnamon rolls, meatball sliders and blueberry crisp- and love every delicious bite of each. She is witty, and creative and so practical. You will want to be her best friend and probably feel like you know her. She inspires me and makes me laugh every time. So this is not a promo add for P Dub as she likes to call herself but ME trying to make YOU better. You are welcome.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pearl. Turquoise. Ruby.

I love precious Jewels. Here are a few of mine.
1. Pearl the cat. About 2 months ago this little black kitty started showing up on our porch as well as both of our neighbors. No one was feeding her(yet) and even though some were annoyed there was something sweet and endearing about this little black kitty. One day, Keller asked me what her name was and I said, "Her name is Pearl." Oh no. Where did I get that? One of the neighbor boys had been calling her Roger so why did I not say that? I think because Pearl is her name and I knew it. I started feeding her that day. After some rolling of eyes from our dear neighbors and a few tiffs with daddy dearest, we have decided to keep her as our "porch cat". I am going to take her to get fixed next week. I am not necessarily a cat person, I am pretty neutral to them, but I she has found her way into my mushy little heart, sucker.
2. As I have stated in a recent post, I am OBSESSED with all things turquoise and to be quite honest I think I always have been. I have not really wanted to admit that is was my favorite color for a few reasons- it always seemed to be the color of the 80's and got a bad rap because of that. It is my mom's favorite color and I wanted my OWN favorite danget but if I look back at my life, I am wearing some form of it in many pictures, my bridesmaids dresses were a hue of turquoise, I called it peacock then because I still was a out of the closet fanatic. Any who, a few months ago I was reading one of my favorite passages of scripture, Isaiah 54 and verse 11 says " I will build you with stones of turquoise.." and it struck me so deeply. God sees me and knows me in full color and is not ashamed of any part of me-even my love of turquoise! My whole point in sharing all of this is that I am starting to boldly incorporate into my decorating. I realize it is making quite the comeback so that is nice but I will love it always! So you see my old black china cabinet that is now a lovely white with a turquoise back- cute huh?
3. Ruby. The dog of my dreams. She was the boys Christmas present but she is one of the greatest gifts I have ever had. She is so precious, loving, loyal, obedient, quiet. Not perfect, still has made a once beautiful yard and back porch a disaster- we lovingly call the backyard Babylon now. Her tail is a weapon that knocks my baby down daily. She sheds all the time-but I will take it all because when the boys are napping and the house is quiet, she lays at my feet and gazes at me with her honey eyes so happy to have a home.
4. The other random pictures of pillows and dressers are some other DIY projects I have been apart of:)
Happy Monday!

My guys.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I know.

I am like an old retired man. I need a nap everyday. If I do not get one I am a bear all afternoon and its cereal or taco bell for dinner- no books, or games just let mommy lay on your bed or floor or stairs while you take care of each other.
I love living in Waco. Just today I saw five different people I know from five different times in my life and to some that sounds awful but to me it makes me feel at home. Waco is like that really no matter how long you live here.
I love Bid Red. If I knew that a sustainable diet could consist of Big Red, Pizza, Cool Ranch Doritos and Hairbo Gummy Bears, that would be my diet.
I wear my ugg houseshoes all day everyday. Does not matter how hot it is outside, they will be found on my feet.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi, I am Adrianna, nice to meet you.

These were the first pictures that came up on Google images when I typed in my full name-interesting, eh?
The only person who really cares if I am write another blog is my mother but I also realize how cathartic posting can be and cathartic I need. My boys have been on and off sick for, oh, most of the summer. We had our introduction to puke Thursday. I am pretty surprised and grateful that after almost 4 years of mommying, this was our first puke. Isn't that an awful word- which is a better- vomit? throw up? ralphing? All of them sounds putrid to me. Putrid is awful too... welcome to the stream of consciousness I deal with on a daily basis.
So now to the positives. No bites, not even a lick on our house. But we are believing for perfect divine timing so most days it does feel like a positive. How spiritual and mature of me. We are happy. I think on a scale from 1-10 most days I am an 7, I would be an 8 if it was not so *insert curse word if that is your thing here* HOT.I always get to July and think why do I live here? Oh I forgot, I am being positive. Really though, my kids are beautiful and mostly healthy, my husband is a rockstar, my family and friends are treasures. See I am already an 8 again.
Let's see, what else? Because of a heel spur I have been swimming laps for exercise and that has been so refreshing and cathartic as well- I like that word, as much as I don't like puke. Big boy starts preschool in a month- what? G bubs will be on one day of MDO and Thursdays will be filled with Days of Our Lives and red wine. Hopefully we will be getting our computer back soon so I can post some pictures again of my treasures. If you were friends with me on facebook, I have not been defriending everyone but deactivated my account. Wow, I didn't realize how hard it would be to do but to be honest, I have not missed it. Be back soon, scouts honor Mom.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no pictures but still interesting.

Our computer blitzed, I am re reading the Twilight series, too many great tv show finales, a bike riding 3 year old, a walking 14 month old are my very worthy excuses not to blog. Since I am using a computer that I will not be loading pictures on there will not be any but I will share with you some of the things we have been up too as well as my new list of favorites.

Keller started swimming lessons last week and is loving it. His teacher told me that he is such a champ and does everything they ask him to do- he is pretty fearless so I knew he would do great. I cannot wait until Friday when they let the parents come and watch.

James and I had a little 36 hour get away to Austin last weekend- very appreciated. My folks kept he kids and we pricelined a hotel. Went and ate at the Iron Cactus on
6th street, slept, went to Jo's coffee and then the Arboretum and spent almost 3 hours in Barnes just reading. To kidless peeps this sounds like nothing but to those of us with young ens this is a dream come true. Then we got to witness a spectacular wedding and see so many old friends!

Graham is walking- it is the cutest thing to see a 14 month old stumble around like he has had one to many. Now him and brother play together all day long and it is music to my ears to hear them laughing in the other room together!

Some of my favorite things right now are:
vanilla yogurht and a little honey with whatever fruit is around that day- thanks Mary for the tip.
the little Farmer's Market- this is no big city farmer's market but I will be thankful for what we have.
Iced Coffee in the afternoons
Playing cars with Keller
Lady Antebellum or Veggie Tales at all times in the car
Purple eye shadow
my first spray tan
Turqoise anything
Harold James Walker...just to name a few.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

My Keller boy at Carolina's 2nd birthday party.

My bestie Robyn-friends since 5th grade-she is a treasure!

G bubba and I getting some Carolina Bell lovin'.

My boys are really starting to bond- best bubbas!

crossing the finish line at Cowboy Stadium!
I love this time of year- some moments take my breath away. We have had a busy April-celebrated our 7th anniversary ( still feel like newlyweds), completed my first half marathon (loved it) and put our house on the market.
May is creeping up and I just cannot believe it, where is my life going? I am into my 30's, I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old, we are looking to buy our second house-I am getting old! I love my life though- my bundles are PRESH- just the apple of my eye, my husband is my favorite person in the whole world, my parents are some of my favorite people to be around, my friends are treasures that each bring fresh breeze's into my days, my church is my family.... what else can I say? I am so blessed!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Birthday pics!

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

I loved how Graham's party ended up! We had a full house with SO many sweets and treats.

Baby G turn's 1!

Oh my, this little guy! I just can't get enough of him. I cannot believe it was a year ago that he joined our little family. it has been nonstop since then. Things that I love about our sweet Graham- his gorgeous HUGE smile. His perseverance/will:) I could not imagine a more strong willed little guy after having Keller but I was wrong. The fact that he did not sleep through the night until almost 10 months old should have been my first clue:) I guess I am getting a double portion of what I was. He loves to play with his brother, doggie, JOJO, Daddy and anybody he meets. He is a stranger to none. He is my snuggle bear too. Keller did not have much to do with snuggling once he was mobile but my Graham will sit and love on me all day. I feel so blessed to have two little boys that are such good buddies and will grow to be the best of friends. I love you my angel baby-life before you was not near as exciting and bright!


No it is not snowing today but remember when it did like a month ago? That is what these pics are from. We had fun with the Martin's, beginning a snow man and then just deciding to throw snow balls. We wrapped up with a movie and hot chocolate!