Monday, October 25, 2010

Good thing my kids are cute!

Cause they are wearing this mama OUT! The fall is always super jam packed for us and it is only beginning. Keller had his first official school program a few weeks ago- SO STINKIN' CUTE and this year they actually included the MDO kids to bubba G had his time in the limelight. Highlights from the Fall Show- Graham was kept in the bye bye buggy and I am guessing they did that because they knew that my determined-i know what I want-don't try to keep me from my mama child would run off the stage at his first chance. Instead, the little love behind him kept hitting him with her star wand and it was totally t-ing him off. He kept looking over his shoulder at her as to say, " yo babe, you fine and all but keep your wands to yourself, you cramping my style."
As for big K, two shining moments both very typical of my child. Unbeknownst to his music teacher obviously, she put Keller right in front of one of his best buddies since birth. From the minute the singing began, they were messing with each other which ended in an almost disaster of Keller fallign and almost bringing down all of the darlings in front of him. Lastly, they finished the evening by singing, "How Great is Our God" which has been his song of choice for about a month now. To see him on stage singing his heart out to Jesus, jsut about did me in. It gave me glimpses into his worshipping heart for the future- which I am needing these days because he is testing the boundaries. They both are in different ways. My children are textbook for spirited, strong willed or any other word to describe a willful child. Most days I can get some perspective and be positive but some days I am wiped. On one specific day, we went to the pumpkin patch in Temple- so cute but all I kept thinking is, get me away from my children! RED FLAG! I know I really need a break when thoughts like this begin happening. So even though the pics are cute, it was not the funnest of times we have ever had as a fam.
You know I am maxed if I am willing to skip out on Baylor Homecoming festivities- I look forward to them all year. This year all I wanted was to get out of Waco and be free of mama responsibilities for a minute. So my sweet husband took me to the Big D for lots of feasting, shopping and resting! No pics but I will say that the weekend included, four inch heels, a PHENOM jazz club, good time in the word, lots of great convos with the honey and Northpark. So I was so happy to see my monkeys and they were happy to see me. I think we both needed a break!