Monday, August 25, 2008

how cute, huh?

And that is just the shoes on the feet, this kid gets cuter by the day. He never stops amazing us. From his pitcher's arm- this kid can throw, to his adorable personality, his extensive vocabulary- " come on guys", " nuggle mommy?" "hipooopotamuus",and the proper term for his private area which he now likes to say ALL THE TIME-rethinking that one...he knows most colors, some letters and numbers and can cook a mean omelete:) It is really amazing to think about having another child and experiencing it all over again and that my heart has room for more love-isn't that a gift?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here we go again...

well I am not sure if we are crazy, given into peer pressure or just really believe that a full quiver is a blessing, but we are adding to the Walker clan- 8 weeks with child! We are so thrilled about having another baby in March and kind of laughing nervously at the same time. God will give grace just as he has for Keller and our hearts feel so ready for a brother or sister for Keller. Parenting has been our greatest joy and greatest challenege. Its amazing how you can feel such strong emotions all at once that are very different. So these days for me have been full of naps, ice cream, peach yogurht and cantelope. Keller has watched more Thomas the Train than I can even admit while I "rest" but hopefully these days will end in around 6 weeks just as they did for Keller. Please pray for baby bug in my belly- we have great faith that he/she will be just a much of a treasure as big brother.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New shoes and a facelift.

every women needs both at some point in their lives but, not yet for this old girl-
I just wanted to post and brag on the new shoes we discovered. I know most of my cool trendy friends are reading this thinking, wow, you guys just figure it out, that was so march 2008, get with the program, but the older you get and as you become parents it becomes harder to stay up with the trends. Our friend Chris ( a trendy dad with two kids, totally breaks that mold I just explained), gave James a free pair of Toms. They are so cool looking, very comfortable and give back. For every pair you buy they donate a pair to a child in an underdeveloped country. So yesterday I was about to buy Keller some new shoes for the fall, Luci suggested that I see if they have Tom's in tot size- oh my gosh, isn't everything cuter when its small? Just about everything. So we bought Keller Cade his very own pair of Tom's. Now I am just trying to decide if they are too granola for me? They do have a punkin pair of white with red polka dot ones- so maybe. Please let me know what you think- me or not me.
Second thing is more of a plea, my poor little blog needs a face lift. I probably don't even have to say it. I just don't feel that it is expressing who we really are. So I need help. I am little overwhelmed at the thought of taking on this endeavor, so I need suggestions? I don't want to pay for anything, call me cheap but its just not what I want to spend my money on. So help me please!