Thursday, January 22, 2009

say it aint so...

so my sweet baby boy has decided that kisses from mommy are a no go-most of the time. I got him out of bed a few mornings ago and we were sitting in his chair talking about his dreams and about the day and I snuck in a little smooch and he pushed me away and said, " no mommy, don't kiss my mouth"with finger motions added. Uh. What? Not yet, wait until kindergarten at least to stop giving kisses to dear ol' mom. Luckily he let me have a few sugars at bedtime, I guess he had forgotten about the resolve he had made earlier. Some of the other cute things he is saying right now are, Holy Cow, Ah Man, That's Awesome, That'd be fun? and I Wuv you. This age is more fun than I could have ever imagined and still just like I said when he was an infant, its equally challenging as it is fun. We are constantly having the discipline the tantrums, screaming no at mommy, hitting a friend, and the most likely thing for Keller to be disciplined for is, " no that's MINE!" Things that might surprise you that belong to Keller are the television, the park, the stairs, the characters on his cartoons, and the dog. So we are lovingly helping him realize that those are shared items and even the things that do actually belong to him are a privilege and are meant to be shared. Lord help us. So glad he will have a sibling in a few short months to at least share mommy with, oh yeah did I mention that one?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Thrill of Hope

O Beautiful Christmas- I know a little late on posting Adri, but better late than never. It was such a sweet Christmas. It was really the first time Keller understood. We spent the weekend before Christmas in Houston with the Walker clan, no pictures but lots of fun was had. Keller is just in heaven when we go because he gets to wrestle, jump on the trampoline, eat Papaw's yummy pancakes, wrestle... there are four grandkids and two on the way and only one of those is a girl not to mention James' younger brothers 13 and 15. Then Christmas Eve we took Keller and Eric to see Santa Claus. I really thought that he would be scared when he got up there but we could not get up there fast enough. He jumped up on St. Nick's lap with the best of em'. Then we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. They usually do a little story time for the kids and Keller got to up this year. It was too cute. He was on the steps facing the audience with his twinkling reindeer shirt and some of the other little boys noticed and began to bang on Keller's belly to make the lights go off. Once again, wish I would have had a camera. Next we went back to Mom's house to open gifts with my parents, Margaret, Eric and my brother and his sweet girlfriend. It was a party. We headed home late and were up until 1130 putting together Keller's gift from "Santa Claus". It was the real shift from being the kid to being the parents and we loved it. Keller loved his kitchen but even more so I think his drum! Wonderful times.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas will come but first...

I do have to tell my latest funny stories. First one on Keller. This is funny and precious. So a few days ago I went into his room in the morning because he was crying but it was not quite time for him to get up yet ie I was not quite ready for him to get up yet. So I held him and rocked him and sang him a song I was just listening to a sweet little song called Give me Jesus. I put him back down and got him up later. Well that was about a week ago and this morning same scenario happened. I had only taken a few sips of coffee and was opening my bible and I hear the cries from his little room. So I went in there and explained to him that it was only 645 and Mommy NEEDS to have some time alone talking to Jesus before she can play with him and take care of him all day. So I was putting him back to bed and he said, " Give Me Jesus?" I realized he remembered me singing that song to him a few days ago and wanted it again. So I sang it again and he puts his head on my shoulder and the only word he says is " Jesus" at the end of every stanza. While I am singing him this sweet song he pats me on the back and kind of whimper/cries and when I finish, he looks at me with a smile and says " do it again mommy." So all day long today, he will come up to me crawl in my lap and say " Give Me Jesus?" and snuggle and cry and little and ask for it again or get down and play. One of the sweetest memories for sure.
Second funny story has to do with Barnes and Noble which I do have a few stories from that store. Keller and I went last week after nap to play with the choo choo train and for mommy to buy a new book. So we walk to the back and their is another little boy around Keller's size playing and his mommy is watching. I smile at her and she glances away. Ok, a little shy I decide so I just walk Keller up to the choo choo table and remind him of the rules- play sweet, share, be kind, no throwing the trains at the other children etc. So I am standing off watching/browsing at the kid books and the other mother is sitting down in the chair so I decide to make just a tad bit of conversation because it is beginning to get a little awkward. " How old is your son?" I ask politely. "Two." She replies coldly and with nothing else. OK I get the picture now. She is a please leave me alone-I don't like to socialize- don't ever ask me another question kind of mom. That's fine, I get it but jeez I was just trying to me cordial. Then a few minutes later her son begins to cry and is telling his unsocial mommy that he does not want to share with the other kid(my kid) and wants him to leave the table RIGHT NOW! This was her response. " Oh you want the other kid to leave? I know you do. You are like Mommy and Daddy you don't want anymore friends because you already have plenty." Pardon? Did that really just come out of your mouth lady? Now my blood is boiling. First of all that a mother is training her child to not make friends. That is what kids do. And she didn't say well you at least need to share and be kind to the other kid, she basically was saying his attitude was just fine. AND at the same time trying to send a message to me standing behind her to leave her alone she did not need anymore friends. Give me a break woman, I was not trying to be your best friend I was just being friendly. I don't "NEED" anymore friends either, I had 10 bridesmaids for goodness sake! So I walked over and told Keller that we needed to say goodbye to the choo choo table and go see daddy. But what I wanted to say very loudly was there are some pretty snooty people in this world and mommy does not like to be near them with a 10 foot pole. "An ounce of pretension is like a pound of manure."