Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sorry for my slacking.

Mom emailed and said she was sad to see " no name" as my last blog post because THIS baby has a name! Eleanor Wren "Elie Wren"!!!! Part of me still does not believe that I am having a girl and the other part of me knew. When I found out I was pregnant I felt like God asked me to RISK believing for a girl and this was risky because next to getting married, having a daughter has been the greatest desire
of my heart. Even as I write that I know so many people personally who long for dreams fulfilled and are still waiting so I say it with humility and reverence. Yes the excitement of a daughter delights me but I think more than anything going to that risky place of faith and trusting Jesus with the outcome has been the sweetest gift of all. If she would have been a he I know God would have fulfilled that desire if not here then in heaven where I have babies that my arms have never held. We are still relishing in the wonder of it- a girl. Dreaming of her, preparing for her- are you kidding she already has 10 outfits in her closet. Excited about a full quiver of 2 boys and a girl.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No name.

We are expecting our 3rd child on valentine's day! I am almost out of the first trimester and ready to start feeling good but am so very thankful for a healthy, thriving baby!

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Monday, August 1, 2011


We did it. We got rid of the pacifier cold turkey. The first night was hell but the slept through the night last night and has only asked for it a handful of times since saturday. We "let" him use all of his paci's to buy s néw puzzle at target. We are so proud of how brave he has been and how supportive his big bro has been to him.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Keller just finished his first and perhaps last season of t ball- he was not the biggest fan but we got a kick out him this season. Some of the highlights-
1. When he was playing the field, he would hustle from one end to the other to get the ball and would literally tackle his own teammates to get the ball. Did I mention that there was only one other boy? So yes, tackling the girls.
2 but when it came to running the bases he was as slow as Christmas. We all have different theories on this one. My dad thought it was the helmet being so big and interfering with his swiftness. My observation was that because this was a competitive friendly year ( no outs or points), he didn't

really see the need to run fast even though most of the time his teammate behind him would usually lap him...remember the girls?
3. When the coach( who was his favorite person on the team) would put Keller at first base he had more fun hi fiving the batter once they got to first than catching the ball.
4.every time he was up to bat, he would take his bat and draw a circle around the t as his pre batting ritual. No idea where he learned this.
5. And lastly, as James was giving him a bath after his last game, this is how the conversation went, " buddy, what was your favorite part of t ball?" Keller responds with no hesitation and very consistent with what has been his obsession this entire season " the snacks."

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years now and while in the scheme of things five years is nothing, it is the longest job I have ever had. Here are my thoughts so far.
1.What I love about being a stay at home mom.
-I can stay in pjs all day if I want.
- I get to see every milestone big and small in my kids lives.
- I get to go to the grocery store when it is virtually empty.
- I get to answer all of of my kids questions about life, Jesus, and people- that is pretty amazing.
- I get to spend most of my days at home.
- I have gotten to experience friendship and community with other moms that I could not otherwise.
- I get to kiss, snuggle, tickle or just sit with my boys anytime.

2. What is challenging about being a shm.
- doing the same thing most days.
- lack of adult interaction.
- the weight of responsibility to mold these little people.
- being with the same little ones all day every dy.

3. What I have learned by being a shm.
- PBS kids is the best thing created.
- a sucker from heb and a little apple juice can cure any ache
- mcdonalds is always a bad choice
- it really does fly by.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Doggone days of summer.

Shoo weee- it is hot. I feel like every July I am so done with summer but I think I started feeling that way in June this year. So what have we done to fight the heat? Not much. Well that is not entirely true. We had lots of visitors in June which is wonderful and tiring. We go to the pool a few times a week. We have play dates a few times a week. Other than that, not a lot. More tv than I want to admit. Lots of games on the iPad. I am trying to do. Some light school work with Keller, notice I said light. It gets boring and I get down. I try to keep my head up and remember that fall will come but day after day of the 100's takes it toll. I look forward to September but then my always pragmatic husband reminds me that it does not really cool off until late October. Thanks babe.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swimming with the trolls.

My big boy completed his second round of swim lessons and I am not talking about let's have a good time and float on noodles. No no. This is 4 year old swimming lesson BOOT CAMP! I love it. Joy and Allison have been teaching swim lessons for a thousand years and have probably taught millions of children how to swim and as a parent of one those, I am grateful ( like my exagerations?)
He was a champ last year, I mean did everyting they asked, never cried, which is saying alot for boot camp swimming. This year I thought was going to go without a hitch as well until two days before the last day. I picked him up and he was BAWLING. Joy told me he hit a wall, was starting to fear when she was making him swimm to farther than he was comfortable with. She said just to encourage him and she knew he would do better the next day. I was not so sure especially since on the way home he was crying his eyes out telling me he never wanted to swim again. " But what about getting your water rockets when you graduate?" " I don't want ANY water rockets. I never ever want to swim!" Oh dear. We talked off and on about it all evening long. We told him how we are all scared of things and we have to conquer our fears, how important it is to learn to swim,etc. Nothing was working. James told him that night in a last attempt that the deep water was like a mean troll that the brave Keller needed to defeat.
So the next day he was dropped of without any fear, so far so good. I was anxious the entire 45 minutes before he returned to the car. Lo and behold, here came my precious boy running down the driveway with a huge smile on his face. Joy said he did awesome, far exceeded where he was just days ago. Music to my ears. The next day was parent day where we all get to come and watch. I was almost brought to tears several times out of pride. I felt pride last year but more because my little guy was such a character and fearless. This year it was because he had a very daunting fear that he faced and overcame. After parent day, my friend Luci called me and told me that she wanted me to know she heard Keller telling the other children there were trolls in the water. So one conquered his fear, the rest were overcome with it. Oh well.