Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In True Form

These pictures capture our son so well. We went to Houston for a family visit this weekend and Keller had his firt experiences on the trampoline- loved it! The static from the tramp had it's way with Keller's locks though, but how cute? He also got to play with his cousins, eat sloppy joes and get lots of grandparent lovin!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am so glad that I do not have to wear a diaper anymore. I realize that I may have to wear one again one day in my old age but not today. My poor baby has a little rash from his pamper and it made me so thankful that we evolve, grow and learn and that one day he will know how to hold the urges until he reaches the proper place of disposal. Even though sometimes it seems I will always be changing diapers, I do not know many 17 year old boys stil in them. So today I do not have to wear a diaper and one day my son will not have to either. That makes me thankful.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the happenings

I'm a Cowboy, on a steel horse I ride..Ehh, maybe not, but how cute are the boots? I tried them on him yesterday because I panicked that his new cowboy boots might not fit over his sausage feet or his cankles(calves and ankles all smashed into one). He is playing at his house that his Jojo bought him which he LOVES! Also to report, we finished our kitchen! Praise the Lord. The tile went in last week and all we have left are just minor details- I will add pics soon of all the house fixing we have done over the last three months. I am ready for a normal weekend. James had to put up a new fence with my dad last Saturday and then went to the Cowboys game. So he is going to do major bonding with Son for the next month on the weekends. Really though, James worked so hard to make the kitchen what I wanted- he blows me away. Who knew he could install new counter tops, appliances, sinks, fences, vanity tops etc. I got me a good one!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Red Balloon

Well getting a red balloon at HEB is Keller's new vice. He is always a dream at the grocery store,really, I have been so blessed. He loves to point at everything(thats his new thing), loves making eyes at the sweet old ladies.Loves it. He has not ever thrown a fit or fussed ever...until now. We had a typical grocery trip of about 45 minutes and he was his normal happy self until we pulled into the check out line. My son became another person. First he saw one of the big shiny balloons and started pointing and squealing. I told him that was a balloon for someone who is turning forty and when he was "Over the Hill" I would buy him that balloon but not today. He did not like my answer and began forming giant crocodile tears in his eyes and bawled. Not for long though, because thankfully just a few more steps up in the line were a slew of FREE red balloons. My problem was solved. I scooted up and picked out the best of the bunch and gave it to him. He did like it but he realized that I gave him only one of 10 or so red balloons, what about the rest Mom? He began pointing at the others that he did not have in his hands and I knew my problem was serious. Soon he began crying again and did not stop until the bunch of balloons were out of sight but my problems were just beginning.The rest of the day he would not part with this balloon. As you can tell by the photos he did everything with it on Monday except sleep because Mommy would not let him because of health hazards and I didn't hear the end of that one for the first 15 minutes of nap time either. SO all day long he had his death grip on his red balloon. So after we sent our precious son to the land of nod, I killed that red balloon. I felt no remorse because it became the bane of my existence that day. So until our next trip to HEB I am balloon free. Maybe they will bemiraculously "out" of them next week...