Sunday, August 29, 2010


With THE Pioneer Woman. Enthralled, addicted, borderline stalker of this woman. If you have not read her blog or cooked any of her recipes- your life has been less than- I mean it. Stop what you are doing, stop reading and go to her blog. Before you do, make sure you have a few hours to yourself to read about her life, her love story, peruse her recipes etc. So far I have made (to list a few)- sloppy joes, key lime pie, Asian noodle salad, lasagna, cinnamon rolls, meatball sliders and blueberry crisp- and love every delicious bite of each. She is witty, and creative and so practical. You will want to be her best friend and probably feel like you know her. She inspires me and makes me laugh every time. So this is not a promo add for P Dub as she likes to call herself but ME trying to make YOU better. You are welcome.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pearl. Turquoise. Ruby.

I love precious Jewels. Here are a few of mine.
1. Pearl the cat. About 2 months ago this little black kitty started showing up on our porch as well as both of our neighbors. No one was feeding her(yet) and even though some were annoyed there was something sweet and endearing about this little black kitty. One day, Keller asked me what her name was and I said, "Her name is Pearl." Oh no. Where did I get that? One of the neighbor boys had been calling her Roger so why did I not say that? I think because Pearl is her name and I knew it. I started feeding her that day. After some rolling of eyes from our dear neighbors and a few tiffs with daddy dearest, we have decided to keep her as our "porch cat". I am going to take her to get fixed next week. I am not necessarily a cat person, I am pretty neutral to them, but I she has found her way into my mushy little heart, sucker.
2. As I have stated in a recent post, I am OBSESSED with all things turquoise and to be quite honest I think I always have been. I have not really wanted to admit that is was my favorite color for a few reasons- it always seemed to be the color of the 80's and got a bad rap because of that. It is my mom's favorite color and I wanted my OWN favorite danget but if I look back at my life, I am wearing some form of it in many pictures, my bridesmaids dresses were a hue of turquoise, I called it peacock then because I still was a out of the closet fanatic. Any who, a few months ago I was reading one of my favorite passages of scripture, Isaiah 54 and verse 11 says " I will build you with stones of turquoise.." and it struck me so deeply. God sees me and knows me in full color and is not ashamed of any part of me-even my love of turquoise! My whole point in sharing all of this is that I am starting to boldly incorporate into my decorating. I realize it is making quite the comeback so that is nice but I will love it always! So you see my old black china cabinet that is now a lovely white with a turquoise back- cute huh?
3. Ruby. The dog of my dreams. She was the boys Christmas present but she is one of the greatest gifts I have ever had. She is so precious, loving, loyal, obedient, quiet. Not perfect, still has made a once beautiful yard and back porch a disaster- we lovingly call the backyard Babylon now. Her tail is a weapon that knocks my baby down daily. She sheds all the time-but I will take it all because when the boys are napping and the house is quiet, she lays at my feet and gazes at me with her honey eyes so happy to have a home.
4. The other random pictures of pillows and dressers are some other DIY projects I have been apart of:)
Happy Monday!

My guys.