Tuesday, July 29, 2008

go away summer.

This is what Keller does daily except in the backseat of the car with a cup of Sonic Ice.

if you live in texas you are probably amening and having a sonic drink with me daily. it is just too hot. there is no way jose we can be outside unless we are in the water which gets old after awhile. I think when it hits july I am done and so I am bracing myself because we still have August. The sad thing is, September and October did not bring much relief last summer but at least you can smell fall or begin putting out your decorations which makes it seem a little cooler. So I just needed to Bahumbug summers in Texas for a moment. Okay done. Happy Hot Tuesday and to those of you who live somewhere cooler and are chuckling thinking what fools we are to live in Texas, stop- at least its cheaper here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mango lips,what?

So I woke up Wednesday morning and my lips were swollen-seriously like a Monday botox went bad. Not only were they swollen, they were cracking and oozing- gross I know but I have to give the details for you to get enough info so you can feel real sorry for me. Thursday, there was still no end in site of my Angelina Jolie look a like I was accidentally pulling off so I did a little research. I thought back to what I had eaten and found this- there is a sap in the skin of a mango that is similar to the sap that is in Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Tuesday as I was cutting up Mango for Keller, I took some nibbles in the process and touched my lovely kisser to the sapped infested skin of that cursed fruit( I don't really feel that way about mangoes but I do think I have a constant love/hate relationship with several foods, mangoes and salmon being a couple). I did not take pictures of the horrific event but I feel that my descriptions has done it justice. So beware of these lovely tropical fruits that seem harmless. You may wake up and go the store the next morning and get lots of stares or even worse have your husband curl his own lips as he stares at you in disgust.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big news.

James is starting his new job tomorrow. It is pretty unbelievable how it all happened. James is a very creative guy- got his degree in film and editing, in his free time enjoys writing,drawing,filming different projects,playing music,remodeling projects around the house... Although his current job has allowed him to grow and flourish in other ways as an executive of a sales and marketing company, that creative side has been put on the back burner a bit. To spare you all the details of the last three weeks I will just say, that God literally plopped an amazing job in James' lap. He will be a project manager for Magnolia Homes. Although his job will consist of many things, some of it includes assisting in running a small business, something he has been able to learn a ton about in his current job, closing on remodeling deals and learning all the ins and outs of flipping houses and managing worksites. He will also be helping create a website for the company as well. It is really such a privelege to work with Chip and Jo (owners) who we met six years ago in our engagement classes- crazy huh? They are amazing business people and full of intergrity and humility. James is THRILLED to learn from them and help take their business to the next level. Click here to see a recent add in the Wacoan. We Will keep you updated on how it is going over the next few weeks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What we have been up to!

It has been a full month, and we are not even halfway done with it.
First. Some of our very best friends closed on the house RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Isn't that a dream come true?
Second.We have been passing colds and sinus infections around the Walker household for about three weeks now but have not gotten a chance to really take a breath because Keller is a wild man, going from the minute he wakes up until bed time. His new favorite "sayings" are, " Oh, motorcyle" (because his grandpa rides a motorcycle). Every morning when he wakes up and I am changing his diaper I ask if he had a good night sleep, he usually responds with a "YEP". Then I ask him what he dreamed about, and 99% of the time, "dadee,jojo, papa motorcycle." Not his wonderful beloved mommy who takes care of him all day, no, no. Oh well.
Third.We took a little family vacation with my parents and Eric this past weekend to the Dallas area. We stayed the night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine-really cool place. Indoor and Outdoor water park with the hotel on site. They have thought of everything that a kid craves-waterparks,ice cream, arcades, manicure spa for kids,treasure hunts, story times- you name it, they had it. Keller was pretty fearless in the tot section. We had two people manning him at all times while the others ran around with Eric. Then we went to a Rangers game the next night. I will let you know that my 19 month old son had this for dinner- cotton candy,nachos,french fries, lemon chill and dr.pepper. Please do not report me to CPS, this is a once a year occurence. Now we are back home resting up to go to Houston next weekend to say goodbye to James' sister and her family who are moving to Japan at the end of the month. Phew, I need a nap just writing all of this!