Saturday, July 30, 2011


Keller just finished his first and perhaps last season of t ball- he was not the biggest fan but we got a kick out him this season. Some of the highlights-
1. When he was playing the field, he would hustle from one end to the other to get the ball and would literally tackle his own teammates to get the ball. Did I mention that there was only one other boy? So yes, tackling the girls.
2 but when it came to running the bases he was as slow as Christmas. We all have different theories on this one. My dad thought it was the helmet being so big and interfering with his swiftness. My observation was that because this was a competitive friendly year ( no outs or points), he didn't

really see the need to run fast even though most of the time his teammate behind him would usually lap him...remember the girls?
3. When the coach( who was his favorite person on the team) would put Keller at first base he had more fun hi fiving the batter once they got to first than catching the ball.
4.every time he was up to bat, he would take his bat and draw a circle around the t as his pre batting ritual. No idea where he learned this.
5. And lastly, as James was giving him a bath after his last game, this is how the conversation went, " buddy, what was your favorite part of t ball?" Keller responds with no hesitation and very consistent with what has been his obsession this entire season " the snacks."

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Britt and Christina Knighton said...

Britt and I laughed hard when we read this. Can't wait for this stage of life! :)