Monday, July 18, 2011

Doggone days of summer.

Shoo weee- it is hot. I feel like every July I am so done with summer but I think I started feeling that way in June this year. So what have we done to fight the heat? Not much. Well that is not entirely true. We had lots of visitors in June which is wonderful and tiring. We go to the pool a few times a week. We have play dates a few times a week. Other than that, not a lot. More tv than I want to admit. Lots of games on the iPad. I am trying to do. Some light school work with Keller, notice I said light. It gets boring and I get down. I try to keep my head up and remember that fall will come but day after day of the 100's takes it toll. I look forward to September but then my always pragmatic husband reminds me that it does not really cool off until late October. Thanks babe.

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Sarah W said...

the heat is getting me down too. yall drive up one day and swim with us and we'll eat lots of popsicles. then we can let our kids watch tv together so at least it's social tv watching :-)

walkers said...