Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. I am so glad God's mercies are new every morning.
2. went on my first walk with Graham and felt so refreshed- I have missed exercise these past 6 weeks.
3. My baby is 6 weeks old today.
4. I am addicted to roasted garlic hummus from HEB.
5. I am sleepy but not exhausted.
6. I finally got a new mop and my kitchen floor looks amazing!
7. I love Thursday- one day closer to the weekend and Keller has Mother's Day Out.
8. I am dreading trying to find a bathing suit after being pregnant and nursing a baby- oh how the body changes.
9. I went to lunch with Mom today and sat by a pretty obnoxious little boy - throwing major fits. After about 10 minutes of his crying my mom and I were having a convo about Keller and I said, " blah blah blah, and he was so good." Mom replied, " Yeah, Keller is so good, unlike this little brat we are sitting next to." definitely loud enough for the mother to hear. Oh Mom, I love you.
10. I am looking forward to a weekend away with James in May- eating and sleeping is all that we have on the docket at this point. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From the foggy land of no sleep...

Wow life with two is non stop. I always think to myself during the day, "oh this would be a great blog story" and then I get here and I am just staring at the computer. The land of no sleep leaves me with about an 80 iq so bare with me during these weeks. Graham will be five weeks tomorrow and I can barely believe it. What a doll baby he is. He is having some sleep strugs so we are hoping to resolve them at least in a moderate way soon. I don't want to say that he has full blown colic but some definite signs of it. So I will take any advice from readers. He is starting to smile and it his heart melting. He loves to be held and will just snuggle into you- I think he may be a little more of a mamma's boy then my Keller who hardly ever snuggled but has actually become more of a snuggler as he gets older. Speaking of Keller, he gets cuter and cuter every day. Monday, he pinched his hand in my closet door and it drew blood, he was pretty painful looking. Of course I am nursing Graham as this happens and so I am trying to nurse baby, and comfort my toddler at the same time- a multitasking mom indeed! So yesterday I was asking him how his hand was and he told me, " I got punched." I said, " no baby you got pinched." SO now as soon as he sees someone,anyone, daddy, friends, the checkout lady at Target he says, " I got peeeeenched." Too cute.
Easter was super fun at my parents house. Lots of amazing food and a gorgeous turn out of a day for an Easter Egg hunt that we re did about 10 times. I love Easter 1. because it was such a big deal in my family growing up. We had a huge get together at my Aunt Ester's house with probably 15 cousins my age with the greatest back yard for a hunt. Horshoes, bar b que, so much fun. I wish we had that tradition still but every one kind of does there own thing now. And I love Easter more than ever because what a precious gift we have recieved in Jesus. I was struck by the Hebrews scripture then other morning- " for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of God." The joy of reconciliation and the joy of getting to be near his Father once again for eternity. Jesus is the greatest!