Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gardening,playing and givng Toddler Time a Go.

Gardening with mommy.
playing with his dump truck.
getting inside of his football toy bin.
swiiming in the kiddie pool.
Eating cookies.

It has been a while indeed since I have blogged. Part of that is because like I said our computer is sick, still sick:( so I have not been downloading pics and part of that is because there has not been much to blog about. I do have a story today though.
So I have been hearing through a friend of a friend about "Toddler Time" here at our local library. 45 minutes full of songs, stories, and games. I for sure thought, this will be a hit for Keller. Books- his favorite past time. Other kids-his second favorite past time. Songs-can't get enough of them....except when there is a slide. All other desires or delights fade away in in the glorious light of a shiny orange slide. At first the other children were playing with the toys and I began thinking, this could work. A little play time, chat with other mommies, and then we move on. Nope not my kid. And to be honest, there was no chatting with other mommies either. It seemed to me that most of the other participants are regulars and have already established a little library mommy society that like most other societies, is hard to jump into late. Oh well, who cares if I don't make friends here, I am not here to make friends, I am here for my son. Well when it was time to "join the circle" around the parachute to the 45 year old woman singing with a puppet on her hand and the mommies belting out the songs proudly as well, this is when I began to feel a tad bit uneasy. Get over it Adrianna I said, sing the dumb songs and remember once again, you are here for Keller. So after my son falls off the slide and has a major meltdown, I console him and we move to the circle. Yeah right. Who am I kidding, don't you know your son? He was having NO part of this! Who wants to sit around a dumb circle and sing about flowers growing when there is a slide to conquer? ( I am luckily almost done reading "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson, so I had a little more grace for him not to sit than last week, because Keller Cade is ALL boy.) So it becomes sort of awkward for me. Do I sit with the other mothers and MAKE my child sit? Who am I kidding, "Making" him sit a sing songs would turn into a full blown tantrum. I decided to excuse myself from the third round of "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary" and join Keller. Now if you know my son, you know he is a bit on the passionate side, who knows where he got it from, so every time he slid down the slide he giggled with such giddiness. I know, cute huh? Not to the Toddler-time-library loving-look at you rolling there eyes-I cannot believe you are letting him slide down that slide-how will he ever make in at school-moms.
I went back and forth from enjoying watching Keller have a ball going down the little slide over and over and feeling embarrassed and insecure. Am I doing the right thing? Will he EVER sit at Toddler Time and listen quietly? The last straw was after the parachute time, which was the only group activity Keller partook in, he spotted another child holding a toy and decided he wanted it. I was not three steps behind about to redirect him when the child's mother very sternly and rudely reprimanded my son. OH no she didn't is what you are thinking if you know me at all.Luckily I had wonderful time with the Lord that morning and was feeling extra forgiving but she better beware. So as the group book read began we graciously left and as I rode up the elevator holding my goldfish smelling 18 month old son, I decided Toddler Time at the Library was not our little cup of tea, not yet at least. So we will just continue our park adventures where he can slide until his hearts content,and maybe we will try Toddler Time at the Library when he is 15.


Brent and Shan said...
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Brent and Shan said...

oh friend! my heart goes out to you on this one! i can totally remember those moments with mike when i felt like the freak because my son did not want to sit and act socially correct...but please do not feel insecure! toddler time has way too much to do with being social~~and to be honest with will be okay if keller does not learn to sing mary, mary whatever...he is learning songs way better than that at home anyway! you are a super mom with a super little man! those moms with the looks...they don't know what they are missin'

Katie said...

I love your stories, Adrianna. I only wish I could be in any play-book-park group with you and Keller. Those other moms just don't know what they're missing!

Timothy and Annie Kate Head said...

You are the perfect mommy for this little boy! Loved hearing you describe the scene. Go with your instincts girl!

kelly said...

funny, funny, funny!!! thanks for blogging about this, as i'm sure it's my future :)
isn't it funny how judgemental we can be as parents? it's so hurtful & so sadly common, i'm discovering. it makes me happy there are moms like you out there that can make other moms feel better :)

& ps - i would be your library mom friend :)

pps - mind if i add your blog to my list?

Christy said...

love this story! i am sure that we will be there soon! i hate that you feel that you are always being judged with parenting. i am reading the book "bringing up boy's" too and love it too. have a great day!

Kelly said...

So funny...ok boys love to play. They don't need to sit, atleast not yet. So do you really recommend reading "Bringing up Boys"?? I think I need some good books.

Sarah W said...

i'm so glad for this story - you're such a great storyteller and a wonderful mommy. i took rhett to toddler time at the library for months, and he would spend half the time running around the room doing his own thing while i endured rolling eyes from other moms. we don't go that much anymore. boys are boys - it's more fun to play at the park anyways :)

catherine said...

Hey! This is Catherine (Lewis) Botsford. Linda Gooch told me about your blog and I have been reading it now for the last couple of weeks. It is so great to see your precious little boy. He is so adorable. I can tell that you are loving being married and being a mom. I am looking forward to seeing you and the Midway gang in October.

John Foote said...


i miss hearing your stories :). i took nadia to a "toddler time" type class early in the fall, and then again this spring. she did amazingly better the second time around, when she was older :). this time she could sing songs, SHARE with other kids, talk with other kids (actually carry on conversations), and really have fun. both boys and girls don't really get a lot out of group activities when they're as young as keller. i'm sure keller will learn to have a blast in groups like that. . .in the meantime you're flexibility and laid-backness is awesome and just want keller needs:). and really, what is up with another mom (who you don't know) disciplining your kid!!?? we sure have lots of opportunities to be refined as parents :).

ps nadia started horseback riding lessons this summer :)!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Keller is just like his mommy...different. This is what I love about you! Genuine, full of life, humble, passionate, and FUN! Caleb is all boy and still very different from other 8 year olds, some days I'm red in the face, but it sure makes life an adventure being his Momma and just like you I love it! Much love friend, you are a gem!

Jeff and Sarah Bianchi said...

hi friend! jeff said he saw you at the Y!!! So bummed I wasn't with him.

Ken and Jill said...

I love keeping up with your sweet family. So fun seeing you and your little cutie pie the other day. Love you 3!

lauren said...

adrianna! i am so happy that i found your blog...keller is so precious and you look beautiful! i miss you...i look forward to more pictures!!!!