Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can you fit a year of events into a week and a half?

I can! phew, this little mama is pooped but happy:) Starting on the 10th we had Keller's first birthday party-such a hit. He had his first cupcakes, hit the pinata, got more toys than he knows what to do with and of course played with the balloons. On his actual birthday we went to the zoo for the first time with Daddy, Luci and Ana- the kids loved it. It is so fun to see him experience things for the first time. He especially loved the giraffes and the bear-fitting since he is our bear cub. The very next day, he took his first step! It was so exciting. He now just sort of shuffles, usually no more than five steps, but we will take it. Then the 17th was James' birthday, he said with his own mouth, the best birthday he has ever had:) We went to breakfast as a family, sat around and talked about all God has done in his life, he got a new chair that he loves, played poker with friends and then was surprised the next day with a paintball tournament! He deserves it. He is the coolest, most beautiful, funny, smart, humble, loving, and talented guy I know! So then we did Thanksgiving at my house on Thursday, so fun but I am DONE with partying- oh wait, between our two families we still have five more birthdays between now and the new Year, oh yeah, and Christmas. So I am taking a nap every chance I get, slacking on chores,no working out, eating lots of Taco Bell and dealing with the consequences later? eh, probably not the best idea. But I will nap alot:) Even though it is exhausting, I love it and I want my kids and my husband to always feel celebrated on their birthdays even if that means a few less winks for this ol' girl.....


Britt and Christina Knighton said...

wow! you deserve a nap missy!

so about the bachelor... we stopped watching at about the 2nd show! it became too much for me... this season was diff. but my sister watched the finale and she was freaking out too. i can't believe they actually let him do that... weird.

if you need anyone to go munch on some taco bell with... let me know ;)