Friday, December 14, 2007

strutting boy and crazy mom

Officially walking. Maybe I will even put him in the "walkers" class at church on Sunday. I actually think I like walking better than crawling. I don't know why necessarily but I do. Today he is 13 months and more beautiful than ever. He has had a cold this week but I think its getting better. Yesterday I had a breakdown. It just all came to head after being couped up in the house all week with a sick dude. I realize how much of my life is about everybody else. I would not want to have another job in the world, I love being home but it is consuming and easy to just push my own needs aside but then after going so long that way, I crash. So that was yesterday and my amazing husband stayed the afternoon with Keller and let me get out of the house. I felt like a different mommy when I came home. I was refreshed, inspired, freshly manicured:) I realize how much I need time away and alone. So I am going to try and find a permanent Mother's Day Out Program for the bear in the Spring because right now we are just on a drop in list at one place. Until then I drink in the sporadic moments and hours I have to myself.


lauren said...

Hey Adrianna! It's Lauren (used to be Robinson) from Midway. I found your blog through Nicki's link, and I've enjoyed reading about your adorable boy! I wanted to tell you that I teach the 4's class at Crestview's Mother's Day Out, and we have a great class of toddlers with extremely sweet and wonderful teachers. I'm not sure if there are any openings, but you might want to check it out. I love getting out of the house and doing something different 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Let me know if I can help you!

Emily said...

Oh my I have been going back and forth about doing a MDO program in the Spring. I feel like I am a better mom if I can just get a break, but wasn't sure if Claire was ready for two days away from me a week (or should I say I am not sure if I am ready). You will have to let me know how it goes. I will definately be putting her in something next Fall.

Yeah for having a walking Walker. In some ways that will make life so much easier, but also a bit more trying at times as well. I am sure that you will adjust beautifully.

Hillary said...

Adrianna!!!!!!!! It's Hillary! How are you? Katie gave me you blog address! I'm so glad b/c now I can keep up with you! Your little love is sooooo cute!!!!!